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Our Core Values

Syniti’s core values are our guiding principles that shape our actions and messages, both internally and externally. Each one of our values establishes a foundation to deliver the world’s most valuable commodity: trusted data that ignites growth and reduces risk.

Think Big, Be Curious, Take Action and Stronger Together defines our organization and our 100% data-focused team to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Think Big.

Be courageous and bold. Aspire to greatness. Relentlessly pursue market innovation. Set the standard by which others follow. Create solutions that have meaningful impact. Solve the challenges our customers don’t know they have.

Be Curious.

Be a lifelong learner. Seek out new ideas to serve customers. Understand our competition and the world. Be permanently dissatisfied with the status quo. Challenge preconceptions. Focus on the future rather than yesterday.

Take Action.

Be the first. Don’t wait. Take accountability. Inspire others by doing. Fail fast and learn from mistakes. Make a difference every day.

Stronger Together.

Respect, trust and look out for each other. Celebrate diverse perspectives. Listen. Build connections and belonging. Act with integrity. Give back. One Syniti family.