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Our Values

Our FUEL Principles shape our actions and messages, internally and externally across all stakeholder groups. They shape the products and services, experiences and communications that we create. They are the guide rails embedded throughout our organization that shape decisions, drive impact and align our activities so we continually and consistently deliver against both our Purpose and our Promise.


We are committed to building lasting partnerships by unlocking potential for our customers.


Innovating to break new boundaries with persistence and creativity.

The Journey

Together we win, and when we win, we celebrate.

Our Word

Saying what we do and doing what we say while respecting our differences.

We Belong Here

We belong here, no matter our background, where we come from on this planet, what we believe in, our culture, ethnicity or the color of our skin.

We belong here, no matter our gender. We advocate for the inclusion, equality and elevation of all genders in the company.

We belong here, no matter our stage in life.We celebrate life’s journey, where we are on that journey and the events that shape our career priorities.

We belong here, no matter who we love or how we identify. Our LGBTQ+ team members have been integral to our success and we advocate globally for our equal rights and dignity in all countries we operate.

We belong here, no matter what we’ve overcome. We recognize that we each bring our own unique and valuable abilities and talents, and we will not label anyone by visible or invisible disabilities and challenges.