The Business Value of SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Application Migration

How organizations approach migration has become an increasingly critical factor in enterprise viability. Business application migrations aren’t going anywhere, so it’s essential to adopt a framework that applies automation and data intelligence to respond efficiently and drive better business decisions.

Download this IDC Value Study to learn how we:

  • Outline the digital transformation and its impact on enterprise data
  • Explain how automation and data intelligence increase effectiveness and simplify large complex migrations
  • Uncover the quantifiable benefits of data-driven intelligence to higher ROI, faster time to value, unplanned downtime, and more


“Business agility—the ability to respond dynamically to dynamic change—has been a goal of many organizations. That goal is no longer a strategy but a tactical necessity as the world has changed dramatically in a very short time period, and change will occur until, or if, it ever returns to the way it was before.”

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