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Data Matching Software

Enterprise-grade, AI-driven data matching

Powerful data matching solutions built over 30 years

Build a more connected business, drive growth, and leverage new technologies at scale with Syniti’s data matching solutions. No matter the shape or source of your data, our matching software accurately matches, deduplicates, unifies, and harmonizes data using intelligent, proprietary algorithms. Through innovation in data quality, Syniti’s matching solutions move beyond the traditional boundaries and empower data-driven businesses.

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Syniti Introduces Industry’s First AI-Driven Operational Data Matching Solution
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Unrivaled data matching solutions: recommended by global leaders across all industries

Data matching for your move to SAP S/4HANA

Accelerate data harmonization by 90% and experience a 75% reduction in the amount of time spent on de-duplication on your journey to SAP S/4HANA

Key Benefits

Human-like intelligence, superhuman scale

Using purpose-built AI, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, context-sensitive lexicons, and a contextual matching engine, our data matching solutions address the most challenging data errors and inconsistencies.

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Faster time-to-answers

Perform deduplication, matching, and lookup on billions of records in only 5 minutes with performance-ready processing and out-of-the-box-ready solutions that don't require already-clean data.

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Accurate, trustworthy insights

AI, proprietary algorithms, and steep customization maximize matches across complex datasets and minimize false positives.

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Configurable algorithms

Choose between powerful default configurations, or easily create and share custom rules to fine-tune how the matching engine scores and compares your data.

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User-empowering UX

Match data across any format or source, with features such as drag-and-drop workflows and intuitive configuration settings.

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Future-ready scale

Powerful processing and streamlined integrations with solutions like the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) automatically scale with your data's increasing volume and variety.

Use Cases

Powering iconic enterprises with better data matching

Trusted and understood data never goes out of style. Here are some situations in which Syniti data matching can help you elevate your performance.

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360-view of your customers

Maximize marketing and advertising efforts with an accurate depiction of your customer base and drive superior business outcomes.

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Data matching for your move to SAP S/4HANA

Experience up to 90% acceleration of data harmonization efforts and a 75% reduction in the amount of time spent on de-duplication.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Unify data from multiple brands and platforms to get a 360-degree-view of your business. Reduce costs, eliminate duplicate activities, consolidate employee records, and more.

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Cleaning your data lake

Unlock your data's real value with cloud data integrations such as solutions for Snowflake and more.

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Moving your AI project out of the lab

Position your business for innovations in AI and machine learning by accurately unifying data into one common view.

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Increasing IT agility

Free up IT and tech resources by 67% and lower the amount of time you spend on redundant data quality tasks like deduplication and standardization.

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Legal and regulatory compliance

Automatically grow and keep volumes of data accurate while adhering to compliance and meeting changing data protection regulations.

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