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Enterprise Data Quality

Data Quality You Can Trust

Ignite enterprise growth and reduce risk with analytics supported by trustworthy, consumable and useable data. Discover how impeccable data quality can fuel your business.

Better data, better business outcomes

Trustworthy data is the key to decision-making that reduces risk and drives bottom-line growth. Syniti delivers value faster by helping you align data with business objectives, rapidly amplify the value of your data and identify measurable ROI.

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Bad Data is Costing You Millions: How to Find it, Fix it, and Keep it Clean
Popular Features

Accelerating Growth with Data Quality

The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) places the power of trustworthy data at your fingertips. Increase the flow of high-quality data throughout your organization and create clarity and visibility into your business.

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Enhanced Visibility

Gain better visibility into your comprehensive data landscape with automated metadata scanning and profiling capabilities in the business (especially for SAP data consumers).

Data Rule Management

Smart rule recommendation engine

Syniti builds off of your metadata and our 25 years of best practices to deliver a smart rule recommendation engine, providing data quality rule suggestions and associated content to accelerate your efforts

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Actionable, accurate insights

Places the power of trustworthy data at your fingertips with data matching and deduplication solutions built right in. Drive the flow of high-quality data throughout your organization and create clarity and visibility into your business.

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Business outcome dashboards

Uncover millions in savings through actionable insights. With hundreds of vetted data quality reports and unique, executive-level business outcome dashboards, you will rapidly identify ROI and track KPI improvements over time

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Key Benefits

Don’t just find bad data, measure its impact to drive continuous value

Faster results with less manual effort

With powerful smart automation throughout, streamlined UI/UX, and simple no-code problem solving, your team gets more done, more quickly, with less effort.

Make better, data-driven decisions

Make faster, more impactful decisions with confidence knowing that your data is clean, accurate and trustworthy.

Easily find ROI and prioritize projects

Quickly discover millions in savings and P&L improvements with hundreds of proven, out-of-the-box reports and business outcome dashboards.

Faster downstream data projects

All metadata, rules, policies, and intellectual property developed during your data quality project are saved in the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) and ready for re-use. Accelerate future data quality, master data management, data migration, and data governance projects.

Avoid complexity, sprawl and cost

Work smarter, not harder with a unified platform for all your data management initiatives and avoid the challenge and cost of point-based solutions

Use Cases

Don't let bad data hurt your bottom line

Poor data quality manifests as unhappy customers, high-friction business processes, inaccurate analytics and bloated carrying costs. Find out how Syniti's unified cloud solution addresses these issues and many others.

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Improve Process Performance

Improve your procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, or MRO processes. Leverage embedded best practices, hundreds of pre-built reports, and smart automation improve and measure performance.

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Avoid overstocking

The average Fortune 500 manufacturer wastes $46-$60M in working capital in excess parts. Identify and address this low-hanging fruit with AI-driven operational data matching.

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Improve customer relationships

Don't let bad data or poor 'first-time right' process performance negatively impact your brand our your customer relationships. Rapidly find and fix your most important data quality issues

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Accelerate data migrations

Be prepared to execute on a merger or acquisition, or consolidate your HR data in the cloud? Syniti addresses quality issues prior to or during migration, so you can expect exceptional data quality at go-live

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Deliver next-level analytics

Stop spending hours of your day fixing data to get your reports to run. Syniti delivers the data quality you need to enable faster, centralized decision making that accelerates growth and reduces risks.

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