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100% Data Quality

It’s not a Myth. It’s a Mandate.

Find Issues Before They Find You

Poor data quality disrupts business processes

Poor data quality can also impair decision-making, incur unnecessary expense, and threaten regulatory compliance. A technical approach to data quality improvement is rarely effective. Data quality management solutions from Syniti provide a simplified and cost-effective approach. They create a closed-loop remediation process owned by business users that monitors and accurately remediates data that violates your standards for data quality.

Key Data Quality Benefits with Syniti

Predict & Prevent Business Disruptions
  • Continuously monitor data objects for violations of business rules.
  • Automatically initiate remediation workflows and direct them to the right data owners and stewards as soon as data quality issues surface.
  • Proactively identify operational insights that allow potential issues to be addressed before process interruptions occur.
Accelerate Business Initiatives through Data Quality
  • Consolidate business rules for data quality within a single location and enforce them across all systems and data agents.
  • Visualize up-to-the-minute quality levels across the business to focus quality improvement efforts.
Build Trust and Confidence in Your Data
  • Put business users in charge of data quality with a simplified and accelerated remediation process.
  • Ensure accurate remediations before posting to business systems through team-based approvals.
  • Alert data owners when quality falls below required levels.
Jump Start Future Transformations and Data Initiatives
  • Capture data knowledge that can be reused to accelerate future data initiatives.
  • De-risk moves to new systems by cleansing data in advance of
    data migration projects.
Data Quality Tied to Data Governance
  • Derive data quality rules from institutional knowledge, technical needs of downstream systems and interfaces, as well as legal/regulatory requirements.
  • Link the business semantic layer — the terms, acronyms and definitions you use to refer to and document your business — to data that is profiled and validated by the solution.
  • Quickly identify the source of data quality issues for expedited remediation.

Optimize Data Quality and Integrity


SAP Information Steward Accelerator is designed to minimize the time and effort spent on investigating and eliminating data errors. And it helps ensure trusted data in support of Master Data Management and Information Governance objectives.

Don’t Throw Away Your Knowledge

Unlock and reuse insights and knowledge trapped in your data

Introducing Syniti Knowledge Platform.
The industry’s first knowledge-driven platform to…

Reuse data to deliver your outcomes faster
Capture and release the latent power in your data
Unlock the potential of data in context of your business



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