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Data Replication Features

See immediate results and gain instant insight with Syniti Replicate. Our easy-to-use software requires no coding, stored procedures, or proprietary syntax to set up or learn.

Database Support

  • Support for multiple relational databases as sources and targets.
  • Support for cloud databases such as Amazon RDS and Google Cloud SQL.
  • Support for data replication to Apache Hadoop data storage and processing environments.
  • Replicates data to Apache Kafka and to structured files.
  • Support for analytic/columnar data storage solutions as targets including SAP HANA, IBM PureData System (Netezza), Vertica and Actian Vectorwise.
  • Support for database cluster environments, such as Oracle RAC and Microsoft Cluster Server.
  • Open APIs to integrate Syniti Replicate into corporate architectures, or into third-party solutions.
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Replication Support

Supported replication modes:

  • Refresh (snapshot): Reads data set, applies administrator-defined mapping rules and writes the entire result to the target database.
  • Mirroring (change data capture): One-way replication using CDC from source to target in real-time, based on transaction log management whenever possible.
  • Synchronization (real-time bidirectional mirroring with conflict resolution): Uses DBMoto’s CDC-based; transaction log management and custom conflict resolution strategies to keep multiple databases bi-directionally synchronized.
  • “Multi-Server Synchronization” to synchronize changes bi-directionally between source and multiple targets, with built-in conflict resolution.

Additional Features:

  • Automatic creation of target tables and extensive log reporting and accessibility.
  • Powerful visual tools for information on replication performance, status and errors.
  • Verifier tool to easily compare and reconcile replication results for accuracy and auditing.
    Support for extended data types.
  • Built-in transformation functions, with custom functions definable at any time.
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User Support

  • User-friendly graphical interface with wizards for fast, easy configuration and setup.
  • Configuration and management of the entire replication process through one or many Syniti Replicate Management Center console(s) on the Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Customizable via Microsoft C# and VB.NET scripting and event-driven environment.
  • Extensive security including user and certificate authentication via TCP/IP and HTTP.
  • No programming is required on source or target database platforms.
  • Source and target table access via standard .NET data provider protocol.
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Data Security

For additional security, encryption via SafeConduct is available:

Encrypt data from source to Syniti Replicate, and/or from Syniti Replicate to target
TLS protocol provides secure TCP/IP connections between two systems

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