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Syniti BPCdirect™

BPCdirect™ allows for the migration of consolidated financial data from any legacy system to SAP® BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation). Are you thinking of migrating your financial consolidation and reporting system from an older version of Hyperion, BCS or Frango into SAP BPC NW (EPM 10)? Do you need audit data for historical reporting requirements and regulatory compliance? Leading CFO organizations use BPCdirect for an audit trail that closes the gap between your BPC NW (EPM 10) system and legacy financial consolidation system. BPCdirect is the only EPM migration kit available in the world today.

Key Features & Benefits of Syniti BPCdirect


  • Migration of investment structures (ownership), FOREX rates and consolidated financial statements by various audit IDs as per statutory and regulatory needs
  • BPCdirect can be used for data loads, mapping, cleansing and even additional logic (pre-built for easy use by the CFO office and group accounts)
  • Built-in validation rules and reports for consolidation data migration to check integrity of financial data
  • Seamless migration of different data models of source system to BPC account base target data models
  • Smooth transition to consolidation system from legacy systems
  • Built-in mapping and reconciliation tools for reports by GL, entity, group, accounts, flow (optional) and audit IDs


  • Lowers project risks, data risks, compliance risks, regulatory needs and support project teams during migration
  • Group finance, analysts and users can spend more time analyzing reports instead of spending time on migration activities
  • BPCdirect includes the migration of legal structure, exchange rate tables and investment structure to BPC NW (EPM 10) systems
  • A proven technique of BPC migration leads to cost savings instead of having an in-house or outsourced team perform the consol data migration
  • Minimum involvement of finance and the IT team, is needed allowing them to continue to focus on their core functions
The Business Challenge

Financial consolidation tools are complex heterogeneous systems and moving to BPC can be a daunting task requiring the involvement of finance, IT and outside expert resources. Implementing BPC without BPCdirect involves manual intervention to download and modify the current data to the custom formats used by the BPC system. This manual process is highly complex, time consuming and can lead to extensive delays and remediation, even abandonment of the new system.

How does BPCdirect Work?

BPCDirect has all the predefined consolidation rules which can map the legacy consolidation data to the new consolidation system. The BPC data structure and source system data structure are built into the tool to ensure there is a seamless audit across the system.

How does BPCdirect Deliver Value to the Business?

  • Drastic reduction of project risk in a consolidation system migration
  • Smooth transition to SAP BPC. BPCdirect is delivered by the most experienced BPC team, resulting in cost savings.
  • Group finance, analysts and users spend more time analyzing the reports instead of migration activities
  • Consol ready data for a seamless audit trail between the legacy and newly implemented system

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