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Optimize Spare Parts with SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti (SAP ADM)

Rapidly unlock true business value and efficiency through accurate supplier and spare part data quality and governance. Be confident that the critical business decisions you make are based on high-quality data and trusted suppliers. Achieve quick wins, significant working capital and P&L savings across your MRO supply chain using a reliable data management platform.


Define, Find and Fix

Utilizing SAP ADM for spare part inventory optimization allows you to cleanse and standardize your data to show significant ROI.

Improved and Optimized Spare Parts Inventory: between 20–30%
Improved Uptime: between 5–8%
Reduced Parts Costs: between 7–15%

Material Standardisation Phases

De-duplication Process

  • Configure ADM using Syniti’s experience from projects to identify potential duplicates and eliminate them in a phased and structured process.
  • Produce the material usage/dependency reports to take appropriate decisions (for example in PO’s, BOM, stock, and contracts).
  • Enhance duplicate identification process.
Maintenance repair
Material Standardisation Phases

Material Taxonomy

  • Solution helps to define the material standards followed in an organization’s internal nomenclature.
  • Helps the business to accelerate the process for material short text cleansing.
  • Initial categorization of material performed against the industry standards based on configuration.
  • Custom fuzzy logic in the ADM web app will reduce the time in identifying necessary attributes.


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