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Syniti delivers EPM Accelerator Suite to Streamline Business-Critical Accounting Consolidation Processes.


Syniti, acquired world-leading data matching specialist, 360Science, in September 2021 to help further enhance the organization’s industry-leading technical capabilities. A required part of the integration process was to data match and migrate 360Science’s CRM data over to Syniti’s Salesforce instance. With thousands of customers, contacts and opportunities in 360Science’s legacy CRM, the risk of importing duplicate accounts and contacts was high and a traditional Excel-driven data matching effort would take weeks. An advanced data matching and de-duplication solution was required to facilitate this process, and luckily, we just acquired the best in the world!

Syniti Success Story


Syniti and 360Science turned to their own recently launched, Salesforce connector for Syniti Data Matching to help with this process. Through the simple desktop solution, Sales Operations leaders in a matter of minutes were able to look-up and match the data set of 360Sciences’ customers, contacts and prospects against the data currently in Salesforce. The advanced, purpose-built AI, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, and contextual matching engine got to work, identifying dozens of account record matches in just 3 minutes that the team could then analyze and suggest for merger or deletion ahead of migration.


With a fast, reliable and most importantly accurate process in place, the whole task of integrating 360Science’s CRM data was completed in hours instead of weeks. Due to the self-service nature of Syniti Data Matching (formerly 360Science Matchit), Sales Operations avoided the need to utilize spreadsheets, V-LOOKUPS and manual eye-balling of two datasets, which would have been time-consuming, cumbersome, and inaccurate due to inescapable human error. Further the company didn’t need to engage with IT to run and manage the solution, ensuring both Sales Operations and Syniti’s in-demand IT team saved valuable time.

In minutes, the companies identified all shared accounts and contacts across their combined data sets, migrated opportunities to the appropriate records, and even identified several instances where one company or the other had outdated contact data.