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Syniti Data Assessment

Accelerate Your Data Quality, Data Migration and Information Governance Initiatives with a Data Assessment.

Mitigate Risk for Both the Project and the Business

Data migration and data quality initiatives require accurate data. Our Data Assessment is a services engagement backed by our applications that — in a very short timeframe — delivers report findings identifying specific data challenges that may be hindering your operational efficiency and ability to achieve successful business outcomes based on the health of your data.

Incorrect Data Causes:

  • Incorrect Analytics
  • Business Process Interruptions
  • Regulatory and Compliance Issues
  • Financial Impacts


If these problems are allowed to become widespread, they can lead to a disastrous effect on the entire enterprise.

What You Can Expect

The data assessment includes more than 150 data quality checks from all relevant sub-modules. The resulting analysis reporting includes information such as data relevancy, business data readiness, target readiness and gap analysis. Our experts provide recommendations to assist you with guidance and next steps for data remediation.

For SAP users, fact-based reports can be built in SAP Information Steward to allow you to review and address SAP errors and to prepare for a larger data quality initiative.

Reports Can Identify:

  • Data quantity and complexity and active versus inactive data — critical for project scoping
  • Source data issues that can cause migration or interface load errors such as missing, incorrect, duplicate, or unusual values
  • Non-standard practices, regional deviations, anomalies
  • Departures from best practices for relevant industries
  • Frequency Distribution of common configurations (i.e. payment terms, account groups, units of measure, material types)
  • Comparison of multiple ERP configurations to highlight conflicts and gaps

Use Report Findings to:

  • Prepare for a successful data migration
  • Increase overall data quality
  • Reduce unnecessary infrastructure costs and complexity of your new system for better operational efficiencies
  • Pinpoint and report on data migration and data quality issues prior to migration
  • Identify where better business data can help improve specific industry objectives
  • Blueprint and prioritize steps to passive data governance across systems, including business transformation programs and business process optimization
  • Reduce processing errors
  • Enable smooth workflow and escalations
  • Validate accuracy of key reports
  • Gain visibility into your enterprise data

Take the first step towards Business-Ready Data™

Data Assessments span nearly any industry and line of business and include prebuilt knowledge, content and reporting to quickly discern discrepancies, anomalies and errors in business data. Find out what we discover in your data.

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