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The end-to-end solution for SAP Selective Data Transitions

SAP Selective Data Management Solutions

Leverage proven expertise developed over the course of thousands of successful SAP projects and reduce your data migration costs by 38%. Experience the lowest risk, most predictable and cost-effective Selective Data Transition (SDT) project with Syniti and SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti (SAP ADMM).

Experience A Bundle of Benefits

Leading businesses demand the right mix of speed, accuracy, scale and cost as they migrate to SAP S/4HANA. Through the combined power of Syniti, Natuvion and smartShift technology and expertise, you can now transition to S/4 with one seamless, best-of-breed experience.

Digital transformation best practices

Through tailored shell creation, automated custom code remediation and seamless data management and migration, you’ll experience the benefits of optimized data and workflows inside S/4HANA faster than you thought possible.

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By combining all processes, data, information, and intellectual property in SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti, clients realize a 46% increase in project efficiency.  Add in rapid shell creation, automated refactoring of custom code and near-zero downtime, and Syniti’s SDT bundle delivers where it matters most.

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All three aspects of the bundle: Natuvion, smartShift, and SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti, are designed with the enterprise in mind. Built upon a history of thousands of successful SAP migrations, no matter the scale or complexity of your project, Syniti has the power and flexibility to deliver. 

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Syniti delivers data that is right, the first time. Through extensive data cataloguing, harmonization, data matching and transformation capabilities we can help you get your ECC data in a fit and healthy state for SAP S/4HANA, so you start with intelligent enterprise-ready data on day one. 

Next generation data management

Don’t throw away all the business and data knowledge developed during your SDT project. With Syniti, you’ll be able to retain all metadata, rules, mappings, and processes in the cloud, to be re-used in any future migration, governance, data quality or MDM initiative, reducing future project costs by up to 50%. 

Syniti delivers a 314% ROI on S/4HANA Migration Projects

A single, comprehensive solution to meet all your migration needs

Moving to SAP S/4HANA has the potential to deliver tremendous benefits for organizations.  Syniti’s approach is designed to accelerate, optimize and de-risk the transition from ECC – while dramatically improving data quality – allowing you to realize the benefits of S/4HANA significantly faster.

To deliver the most comprehensive, fastest, lowest-risk solution in the market for your all your migration needs, Syniti has joined forces with fellow SAP expert partners Natuvion and smartShift to create the most complete answer to all your SDT needs, bundled in a single, simple contract. 

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Strategies to Deliver Frictionless Enterprise Data Migrations

Migrate with one best-of-breed experience

From software-driven assessment and planning, to optimized data, to automated code refactoring and near-zero downtime, Syniti has you covered.

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Prepare now

Gain automated insights into your SAP landscape, current data and custom code environments. Jumpstart your effort and define your deployment approach, budget, risk mitigation and operations plan, all in just a few weeks.

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Execute with confidence

Manage your entire project with SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti, the only SAP premium-certified, cloud-based S/4 data migration solution. Orchestrate every aspect of your SDT project, from kick-off to a Boring Go-live™.

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Get moving with rapid shell creation

Rapidly create a replication of your existing ECC system in SAP S/4HANA, stripped of data so you can accelerate process re-design, data transformation and code migration efforts without disturbing day-to-day operations.

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Go-live with optimized data

We harmonize, reconstruct and map your data, delivering 99%+ data accuracy. Syniti-driven migration projects result in a centralized and trusted data landscape proven to deliver an 8-month payback.

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Automate custom code remediation

Have a lot of custom code in SAP ECC? With smartShift technology, experience drastically reduce costs and timelines with simplified custom code discovery and the automated refactoring of customizations to SAP S/4HANA.

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Transition with near-zero downtime

With an agile approach to project oversight, data mapping and data optimization, coupled with Natuvion’s technical data transformation and loading capabilities, you can go-live in S/4 with near-zero downtime.

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