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Data Compliance Solutions

Stress-free, Enterprise Data Compliance

Tackle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) challenges such as GDPR and CCA, and industry regulatory demands with world-class data catalog and governance software.

Syniti named 'Best Data Governance Solution' by DBTA Readers' Choice Awards 2021
Business Outcomes

Be thoroughly prepared to face PII and industry regulatory challenges.

Clear visibility

Through visually-attractive dashboarding and tracking capabilities, the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) gives you clarity into what’s happening with your data in real-time.

Single data platform

The SKP acts as a central repository for data allowing you to find and action compliance issues easily through one platform rather than having to search and amend system-by-system.

Transparent lineage reporting

Understand your data’s past. Conduct a full audit on who’s changed data and where it’s being stored, and then quickly remediate or delete data from all locations in a few clicks if needed.

Syniti solutions for driving optimal data compliance

Data catalog and governance

Realize an always up-to-date enterprise information catalog and business glossary with real-time dashboards that provide complete visibility into data terms, rules, policies and business standards. With this level of advanced data governance, you’re able to keep your data monitored and compliant based on your organization’s specific requirements, all through one secure, cloud-based solution.

Data Catalog

Master data management

When it comes to data involving your employees, customers, suppliers, materials, and key financial indicators, you cannot allow quality or compliance errors to occur. Syniti de-risks your enterprise against data compliance challenges such as GDPR and CCA by introducing world-class, industry-leading AI/ML-enhanced software, embedded best practices, and our team of expert consultants to help you navigate your various compliance challenges.

MDM SLA Status

Rapid Data Governance (RDG)

Drive enhanced data compliance through faster SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) implementation and more effective ongoing monitoring. Rapid Data Governance (RDG), an SAP MDG accelerator, automates many of the technical configuration steps that are required to implement SAP MDG. It offers a user-friendly interface and then auto-generates configuration entries in the MDG system. This automation allows your implementation team to configure the solution live in business workshops, creating an average 50% reduction in time and resources compared to a typical MDG implementation.

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