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Syniti Master Data Management

Master Data Management: Unlock the Power of Your Data

A unified, trusted view of your business is critical to running efficiently and making value-driven decisions. Syniti's Master Data Management consulting helps you gain a trusted, current view of master data and manage it centrally for better reporting, decision-making, and process efficiency.

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Connecting Master Data to Business Impact

Syniti’s master data management support adds immediate business value with clear, trackable long-term ROI and KPI improvements.

Implement a Master Data Management Plan in Only Six Steps

Drive business value from day one

Quickly identify and prioritize quick wins. Our Data First approach connects master data efforts to business outcomes.

50% faster end-to-end MDM throughout

Empower your organization with trustworthy data at scale. Now every team can access real-time data in one central location, reducing drag time caused by working silos and out-of-date, no longer relevant data.

95% reduction in data quality errors

Syniti’s software includes built-in data quality solutions, allowing every part of your global organization to tap into reliable insights to fuel business strategy.

50% lower future data project costs

To accelerate future data projects, Syniti's unified platform captures all metadata, project knowledge, and intellectual property.

Peer Reviewed

Verified by Gartner

“A must-have solution for (MDM) workflow automation… Working with Syniti has been a seamless experience from the beginning.”

– Manufacturing Customer

Business Benefits

Clean master data leads to better business outcomes

Syniti helps deliver faster MDM returns, keeps costs low, eliminates knowledge decay, and streamlines ongoing data operations, ensuring your data is always business-ready.

Deliver Value Faster

Unlock financial opportunities in transactional data and achieve quick wins by aligning your master data with business goals.

Accelerate Your Efforts

Leverage our expert master data management consultants and years of developing best practices to enhance your MDM success.

Track KPI improvements

Monitor data improvements and demonstrate the positive impact of MDM on company goals, data domains, and business processes.

Scale Your MDM

With MDM software and services that accommodate any business process or data type from any system at scale, Syniti is the master data management consultant of choice for the world's largest enterprises.

Customer Success Story

As a global enterprise collaborating with numerous suppliers and partners, Zespri identified the critical need for a trusted data platform and management system to enhance business performance and drive value at scale.

  • “Through the use of Syniti Knowledge Platform, the reporting, and dashboarding that it provides makes the data verification experience for us much easier. The platform provides us with better visibility of data quality and how it is working for us. We are now able to work better with our data owners and champions across the business to drive improvements.”

Maximizing your master data operations

With Syniti’s unified, best practice-driven software, you can upgrade your MDM projects to track data improvements and operations over time and ensure consistent, high-quality data that drives business success.

Customize to your use case

Based on object, process, domain, region, or specific customer challenges, always execute with a master data management consulting methodology that aligns with your business needs.

Tap into reliable insights

Integrate master data with data quality, data governance, and data migration efforts in a single data management platform to ensure seamless data operations.

Remove costly silos, and time sucks

Track and reduce costly manual tasks with enterprise-scale workflow automation, improving operational efficiency at scale.

Centralized teamwork

With consistently accurate data at scale across systems, processes, and locations, enable your entire team to access trusted data insights and collaborate in one unified cloud.

Effective knowledge re-use

Clean all data, knowledge, and intellectual property to ensure accuracy before inputting it into our unified data management platform, accelerating future data projects and ensuring continuous improvement.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a time with a master data management consultant to discuss how Syniti can support your project.