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Efficient Processes for Trusted Master and Application Data

You Should Master Your Data. Not the Other Way Around.

Syniti Master Data Management

Processes that action master and application data can take an unnecessarily long time to complete when manually orchestrated by humans or paper — delaying the availability of the most up-to-date data. The quality of this data is usually poor because humans often make inadvertent mistakes during data entry. And because it is maintained across many disparate and disconnected business systems, it is difficult to tap into this data through analytics, machine learning, and report generation technologies.

Master Data Management solutions from Syniti orchestrate processes that enforce the entry of the highest quality master and application data into business systems. They ensure that the right people correctly action the right master and application data at the right time. And they create a single point of reference to master and application data from multiple domains and business systems.

Key Master Data Management Benefits with Syniti

Accelerated Master Data Management Initiatives
  • Choose from a variety of supported MDM implementation styles.
  • Create a single point of reference to master and application data from multiple domains.
  • Rapidly design business processes that action master and application data.
  • Utilize pre-delivered, best practice content to accelerate implementation.
Bring Business Processes to Master Data
  • Automatically notify users when work needs to be performed — eliminating delays inherent to paper and manually orchestrated processes.
  • Boost productivity by delivering the right data to the right people when they need it.
  • Monitor processes against SLAs, and notify users when work is not completed on time.
Prevent Business Disruptions
  • Enforce quality checks at the point of data entry using business rules.
  • Review and approve changes to data before posting to business systems.
  • Keep requests moving forward through graphical views of process status.
Increase Business Agility
  • Quickly redesign processes to adapt to new business conditions.
  • Isolate tasks that are consistently not compliant with SLAs to focus resource efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Easily see how much time and money has been saved through process automation.
Master Data Management Tied to Data Governance
  • Drive master data rules from well understood and government business rules.
  • Link the business semantic layer to all master and application data mastered by the solution.
  • Use master data management techniques to govern and manage reference data.

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