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SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, Cloud Edition is natively integrated with SAP Data Services. Our solution can help speed time to go-live for your SAP applications through automation, prebuilt content, and expert services.

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Syniti Advanced Data Migration, Cloud Edition

For 20+ years, we’ve been enabling successful on-time and under-budget data migration execution. We enable you to orchestrate, track, validate, and report on end-to-end project activities. This increases team productivity, reduces expected project costs, and guarantees success in the most complex data migration initiatives — all the while curating and preserving critical business and data knowledge that can be reused to accelerate future data initiatives.

Key Migration Benefits with Syniti

Increased Visibility
  • Design, orchestrate and track all end-to-end project activities from
    a single location.
  • Gain complete visibility into all data movements and transformations.
  • A single pane of glass dashboard for stakeholders, and Executives, that showcase project status, risk, and quality indicators.
Reduced Costs and Risks
  • Leverage autogeneration of source and target code for lowest cost.
  • Divide large, complex migrations into smaller, simpler units.
  • Track changes for full traceability and auditing.
  • Identify & resolve errors before the go-live by simulating data loads.
  • Reduce staffing by automating the generation of code and reports, as well as orchestration of tasks.
Accelerated Schedules
  • Complete more work in less time by orchestrating tasks across widely distributed project teams.
  • Increase efficiency through concurrent cleansing, development, and testing.
  • Maximize performance by scheduling iterative data loads.
  • Find sources of errors quickly through data lineage reports.
Capturing of Trusted Data for Re-use across the Business
  • Use AI to mine the knowledge and understanding locked within systems and users closest to the data.
  • Attain value long after the migration go-live with preserved data knowledge that is required for strategic business and data initiatives.
The Syniti Difference

8 Essential Steps to a Smooth Data Migration

So how can you plan and execute a data migration without these risks? By following each of the 8 steps, you can assure your stakeholders that your data migration has been well-prepared and well-executed.


Your Trusted Data Partner

Delivering Data Transformations with speed, agility, and faster time to value.

Who Cares What “Color” Your Migration Is

You Need an Intelligent Data Migration

There seems to be an ever-growing rainbow of colors to describe various styles of data migration. Some claim to be faster, some claim to be easier, some claim to cost less, some claim to do all three. All of these claims fall short at some point as they don’t address the real driver – successful data migration is about working smarter, not what color it is.

Don’t Throw Away Your Knowledge

Unlock and reuse insights and knowledge trapped in your data

Introducing Syniti Knowledge Platform.
The industry’s first knowledge-driven platform to…

Reuse data to deliver your outcomes faster
Capture and release the latent power in your data
Unlock the potential of data in context of your business



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