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Aligning your data migration strategy with your business goals.

Syniti’s 8-Step methodology streamlines your most complex ERP consolidation and migration projects. We go beyond the traditional ETL approach to transform your data into a high-quality, business-ready asset that enables faster, more accurate decisions, accelerates growth, and reduces enterprise risk.

Key Benefits

Add Business Value + Transform Your Data into a Strategic Asset

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Predictable Go-Live

We make your data migration boring (in a good way). Our clients consistently realize a positive ROI in under 12 months, ensuring projects are completed right, on time, and within budget.

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Accelerated Migrations

Experience a 39% faster completion rate for migration projects through the use of automation, which combines all processes into our built-for-scale Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP).

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Quality at the Core

Our Data First approach dramatically improves data quality with every migration, laying the groundwork for a trusted data landscape that delivers an 8-month payback.

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Say no to lift and shift. Syniti improves and enriches data during migration. Our business readiness simulation and validation reporting ensures data is not just SAP-ready, but business-ready to help deliver business efficiency, optimization and growth.

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Increase Transparency

Gain complete insight into your data migration project with dashboards that track every aspect: including timelines, data quality scores, and more.

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Future-Proof Your Data

Thanks to our focus on business readiness and relevance, clients see up to 50% lower costs for future data projects.


Organizations achieve 8-month payback when migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Leveraging SAP Advanced Data Migration & Management (ADMM) by Syniti, you can achieve an 8-month payback and unlock annual benefits worth $4.16 million. Our Data First approach ensures data is migrated, organized, and prepped to provide business value across your global enterprise.


Trusted by Global Enterprise Leaders

As a platinum SAP partner, Syniti's software is a cornerstone of SAP's data migration strategy, platinum-certified and resold as SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti. Our solution is the backbone of data migration strategies for the world's leading businesses.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Whether making an acquisition or undergoing a divestiture, Syniti is the data migration solution of choice for hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions, ensuring various business workstreams can be seamlessly connected to add business value from Go-Live.

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ERP migration and consolidation

Empower your ERP transition and system consolidation with Syniti’s data migration software, leveraging insights from over 5,000 successful migrations to ensure seamless integration and enhanced operational efficiency.

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SAP Cloud Migration

With our source- and target-agnostic software, you can migrate your HR, procurement, or PLM solutions to the cloud faster and with lowered enterprise risk.

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Transition to SAP S/4HANA

Syniti, resold by SAP, offers the only SAP advanced-certified, cloud-based data migration software by Syniti for SAP RISE to S/4HANA, consistently delivering intelligent, enterprise-ready data.

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SAP Selective Data Transitions

To accelerate carve-outs, Syniti's comprehensive approach to SAP S/4HANA transitions includes software-driven assessment, data optimization, automated code refactoring, and near-zero downtime.

Industry Solution Briefs

Data Insights Tailored to Your Industry Needs

Syniti’s data migration solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of managing large data volumes and legacy systems across diverse sectors. Our solutions ensure faster time-to-value, versatility, and improve business value with AI-ready data.


Accelerated Business Value


Real-time Project Tracking

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AI-Ready Data Insights


Faster, More Secure Data Migrations

Syniti Knowledge Platform is now an SAP Endorsed Application

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Don't approach digital transformation the way you did 15 years ago. Discover how Syniti's data migration software transforms your most complex data challenges into business opportunities, ensuring long-term financial benefits and operational excellence.