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Data Archiving and Decommissioning

Accelerate Your Move to S/4HANA with a
Rightsized Data Landscape

Key Benefits

The Ultimate Solution For Streamlining Data

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Pre-migration Preperation

Getting data ready for migration is crucial to success. Rightsizing a database will help reduce cost and make the migration process faster.

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Cost Considerations

The migration to S/4HANA can be costly, but reducing data landscape size will reduce overall infrastructure costs.

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Accelerated Downstream Projects

Every decision about data rules, business processes, team members, roles, mappings, and more is available for your next migration or data initiative.

Optimize Your Data Environment

Syniti and the Proceed Rightsizer provide a deep insightful overview of your SAP system landscape and analyzes data by:

  • Modules
  • Age of data
  • Company code
  • Sales organization
  • Purchasing Group
  • + many more combinations

Syniti and Proceed experts will then review the data and advise on where opportunities for cleansing may exist.

Syniti and the Proceed Rightsizer provides answers to transformation risk scenarios that include:

  • “What data can be deleted?”
  • “What archive objects to use?”
  • “What is the min. size I can get my database to?”
  • and more

This helps create a growth forecast to indicate future data volumes, based on historic trends. It also includes the SAP HANA® sizer to determine what your SAP HANA® system requirements will be now and into the future.

Following the structured plan, Syniti and Proceed work to decommission multiple SAP and non-SAP legacy systems, while retaining full access to your business data, leading to huge cost savings.

End-users benefit from an intuitive product interface in Proceed Cello to access data, enabling fast and easy responses to business, audit or legal requests.

All the technology is complementary to SAP ILM and is deployed and supported by our team of expert consultants to accelerate S/4HANA projects and move IT from being a cost center to a true innovation center.

Free up your IT budget to innovate

Reduce 15% of IT budgets spent on legacy applications

See up to 80% total cost of ownership savings

Data Driven Insights

Make faster, more accurate decisions with trustworthy data.

Syniti meets you wherever you are on your data journey. We help you achieve data excellence so you can make more accurate decisions that accelerate growth and reduce enterprise risks.

With over 4,000 go-lives and a 25-year history of successfully delivering on complex data initiatives in 30 countries, Syniti can turn your toughest data challenges into competitive advantage.


Enterprise-scale data go-lives


Global footprint with offices in 30 countries on 6 continents


100% data-focused enterprise data experts


Years solving the world's most complex data challenges

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Trusted SAP Partners

Both Syniti and Proceed are Certified SAP Partners

See what Syniti can do for you.

Learn how Syniti can guide you on your journey to trusted and understood data, regardless of where you're starting.