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Does data matter?
Corporate Restructuring

As the world enters into post-pandemic recovery, the Next Normal is emerging. For growth and sustainability, businesses mergers, acquisitions and divestiture activity is on the rise. Explore the hidden value of data in the MA&D transaction space.

IDC Study:
SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti

Listen to this SAP Webinar featuring IDC analysts to learn how SAP customers are benefiting from this solution. According to the three-year financial analysis by IDC, companies can recoup their investment in just eight months, achieve average annual benefits of $3.45 million, and create 53% more efficient data migration project teams.

Syniti Announces Global Reseller Agreement with IBM to Help Accelerate Clients’ Digital Transformation


IDC Business Value Study. Co-sponsored by SAP & Syniti. Getting value from data is hard. Our software makes it easy.
Jumpstart Business Value In 2 Weeks
Reimagine your business with Syniti. Imagine recovering 5% of your working capital. Imagine improving your P&L by 500 basis points. Imagine identifying and neutralizing your critical operational risks.
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Good Data Makes Great Transactions
Syniti software makes mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures easy.
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Where Business and Data Converge
Data can at once be intimidating yet enticing. Every organization wants to amass data, but to what end?
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Don’t Just Lift and Shift Your Data.
Migrate & Reuse Your Knowledge.


Industry’s first Syniti Knowledge Platform, that is:

Business Relevant    |    Knowledge Driven    |    Data Focused

Don’t Throw Away Your Knowledge

Unlock and reuse insights and knowledge trapped in your data

Introducing Syniti Knowledge Platform.

Reuse data to deliver your outcomes faster
Capture and release the latent power in your data
Unlock the potential of data in context of your business

Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA & Other Intelligent Enterprise Initiatives


SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, Cloud Edition is natively integrated with SAP Data Services. Our solution can help speed time to go-live for your SAP applications through automation, prebuilt content, and expert services.

SAP Information Steward Accelerator is designed to minimize the time and effort spent on investigating and eliminating data errors. And it helps ensure trusted data in support of Master Data Management and Information Governance objectives.

SAP Advanced Data Migration ROI

SAP S/4HANA Methodology

Syniti Value Engineering



Customers Handle Complexity with Syniti

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