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Unleash the power of your data through Syniti's Education Services.

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Learning Paths Based on Your Persona

Identify your learning path based on what your role is, your job description, project goals, or your desired role progression path.

Those who need to be aware of, and are interested in, the technology and how it will be used in their business, but are unlikely to ever log into the software.

Users who will interact with the solution to execute specific non-development tasks.

Users who will interact with the tool at a deep technical level by for example, creating and implementing complex transformation & validation rules and reports or configuring charts & dashboards.

Learning Paths

Syniti various solutions delivered from both the Stewardship Tier SKP v1, as well as our cloud offering Syniti Knowledge Platform SKP v2.

Education Services offers Learning Paths for both solutions.

Select a Learning Path by clicking on the links below. 


Learning Paths by Syniti Solution:

SKP v1

SKP v2


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