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About Syniti

For 20+ years, Syniti has been solving the world’s most complex data challenges.


Today, we have over 900+ data specialists in 25 offices around the globe, headquartered in the greater Boston area. We are globally recognized, and have brought our unique capabilities — the market’s top data specialists, validated industry knowledge and proven methodologies — to bear on thousands of data transformation projects for Forbes’ Global 2000 organizations.

We solve complex enterprise data transformation challenges by combining data expertise, intelligent software and packaged solution accelerators to yield certain and superior business outcomes. Our software applies automation and guidance infused by AI and machine learning technologies to data migration, data quality, analytics, master data management, metadata management, and information governance initiatives. Together, these ‘data superpowers’ create synergy between data and business to further enterprise knowledge, unlock new sources of potential, embed simplicity, and liberate new possibilities for growth.

With Syniti, companies unlock infinite potential.

Our Purpose
Why We Exist: Accelerating global and human progress, one data challenge at a time.
Our Values
Our FUEL Principles shape our actions and messages, internally and externally across all stakeholder groups.
Our Promise: The Core Value We Deliver
Infinite Potential, Unlocked

We are data pioneers, who have dedicated our careers to helping clients make the most of their data assets.

Our data experts work collaboratively and systematically to navigate the world of our client’s enterprise data: identifying and unleashing the value that’s hidden in there, using the best talent, tools and techniques in the business.

Without us, making the most of your data will be tough. But with us, your business is sure to unlock its true potential, today and tomorrow.

Our Brand Story
BackOffice Associates was originally founded to solve business’ data challenges. Over the last 20+ years, we have become the leading data experts, trusted by clients everywhere.

When we set out, our name reflected what we did. But since then the role of data has evolved. What was once a back office function is now a strategic growth driver with a seat at the boardroom table. In the digitally transformed world, data is becoming a powerful asset, if well managed. And data-empowered companies are reinventing industries, shaping the world. It’s a new force of nature.

Data’s evolving, the world is evolving, so it’s time to evolve and elevate our brand. That’s why we’re stepping out of the back office with a new name: Syniti (Sin-ih-tee). 

It’s a name that evokes the infinite possibilities we unlock by creating synergies between data and business. Evolving enterprises by turning potential into power.

And we’re embracing the future together as one — with our employees, clients, and partners — accelerating global and human progress, one data challenge at a time.

Our History