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Data Innovation

Become a data innovator with the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) –a silo-free, cloud-first enterprise data management platform that supports your most important data initiatives.

GFX SKP Dashboard

AI software automates routine work, suggests meaningful user actions, and provides value-driven insights.

Packaged, installable best-practice accelerators provide logic to speed projects, and improve time-to-value.

AI-driven matching and deduplication standardizes, matches, and harmonizes data to drive meaningful business outcomes.


Custom and out-of-the-box data intelligence dashboards empower the data storytellers in your company.

Data Intelligence

Bring the best of business intelligence to enterprise data management.

With Syniti Data Intelligence Dashboards, we empower you to be data storytellers. Quickly and easily create reports, charts, and graphs that unlock the value of trusted data across your entire enterprise. For example, a manufacturing company could produce a dashboard to identify how data quality checks related to spare part duplicates correlate to key performance indicators such as downtime or cost savings.

Syniti Data Intelligence Dashboards help your data leaders visually present stories, based on real data, that illustrate how DataOps delivers measurable business outcomes. Use detailed project status and management dashboards to maximize project insights and drive success.

Selective Data Transition Analysis Assessment
AI-driven data matching and harmonization

Achieve faster implementations with the world's leading data matching engine.

Artificial Intelligence

With human-like cognition (AI) built into the platform, Syniti solves your data matching and deduplication problems.


Powerful, AI engine delivers 90% faster data harmonization, accelerates de-duping by 75%, and saves hundreds of hours of expensive “live human” tuning.

Data Matching Workflow Company Address


The ability to compare data contextually results in human-like perception, helping customers experience 99.99% data quality at completion.

Data Matching Workflow Canvas 1


Our matching engine can dedupe a billion records in 20 minutes with unparalleled accuracy and ease-of-use.

Data Matching Matching Rules
Knowledge Graph

Patent-pending knowledge graph drives unparalleled insights.

We’ve fully integrated cloud-native knowledge graph capabilities into the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) to give you unmatched visibility into every aspect of your enterprise data, including your complete data landscape and all of your strategic data initiatives. 

By delivering enterprise-scale data relationship support, the SKP allows you to ask and answer new business questions in ways never before possible. Our knowledge graph acts as the foundation for current and future ML/AI capabilities, so you can expect to see ongoing value-focused data innovation in areas such as data migration, master data management, data quality, and data governance.


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