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Faster Data Migrations

Orchestrate data migration repeatably and predictably to multiple platforms through one unified cloud data management platform – the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP).

Workday and Syniti

Make your migrations faster and simpler.

Data migration projects are inherently complex, and none more so than Human Capital Management (HCM) initiatives. After businesses decide to migrate or consolidate their HR systems to Workday, Syniti helps them address their data transformation challenges.

With the our Workday customized XML Builder solution, you won’t need to spend countless staff hours reverse engineering XML files to understand system design, configuration, and table designs. Instead, you can achieve it in moments. With the Workday optimized Position Management Accelerator, we drive the creation of your organizational structure in Workday–while providing you the tools you need to keep it current.

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Achieve excellence with the Syniti Knowledge Platform.

Syniti has been an Oracle gold partner since 2012, and we’ve achieved consistent success helping customers achieve data excellence in the Oracle E-business Suite. With the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP), we’re able to connect businesses to hundreds of data sources and assess their business relevance as they plan to move data from legacy systems to the Oracle E-Business Suite.

A comprehensive series of mappings built on best practices support Oracle E-Business Suite target environments and the creation of new data with a simple, governed interface for secure entry and validation. The Syniti Knowledge Platform for Oracle is designed for best-in-class data extraction, matching, cleansing, data rules, and targeting. It functions as an ERP-focused transformation engine for all of your Oracle transformation projects.

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Infor: Increase speed, reduce risk.

Syniti’s Infor Data Migration Accelerator alleviates many of your data migration roadblocks–helping you better transition from legacy systems to modern applications in the cloud. Syniti delivers purpose-built data migration software and expert guidance from our 100% data-focused consultants. We help you reduce risk, lower potential downtime, and increase the overall value of your IT and data investment. Whether you’re looking to move to M3, LN, EAM or any Infor ERP, Syniti facilitates your migration at speed with reduced risk.

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Snowflake and Syniti

Get enterprise-ready data replication, matching.

The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) works in natural harmony with the Snowflake platform. Through Syniti Data Replication, we can facilitate data capture from a wide series of databases to Snowflake. This gives you real-time access from on-premise and other data sources into Snowflake, delivering faster time-to-insight and more agile decision making.

With SKP, you can experience an easier Snowflake implementation without turning off your old systems, making your migration faster, easier, and more cost-effective. We can also natively match “party data” in Snowflake. The SKP includes the industry-leading, AI-driven matching engine for “party data” and includes built-in Snowflake capabilities–allowing you to match, deduplicate, and harmonize data. Best of all, the SKP brings only the data you want and need into your Snowflake installation.

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Salesforce and Syniti

Expect a faster transition, enhanced data quality.

Transitioning your CRM to Salesforce can improve communication, collaboration, and productivity in sales and supporting business functions. However, your data must be accurate for your migration to deliver on its promise. That’s where Syniti comes in. We specialize in matching, de-duplicating, and harmonizing customer and vendor data through our AI-Driven Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP), ensuring only the data you really need in your Salesforce instance gets migrated over. Following Syniti’s acquisition of 360Science, we can also provide enterprise data matching of customer data to scale.

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