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Global Life Sciences Giant Success Story

Fortune 100 Life Sciences firm saves millions on its SAP MDG project.


A global life sciences giant wanted to quickly implement SAP MDG to improve its customer onboarding process and governance of its financial master data. The organization’s legacy process was cumbersome, manual, and prone to data entry errors. It purchased SAP MDG to automate manual processes and improve the quality of customer and finance data. The goal: to implement MDG as fast as possible to realize key business benefits.

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With the launch of Syniti’s Rapid Data Governance (RDG), the Syniti implementation team reduced its services proposal dramatically. The original proposal (without RDG) would have represented a $2.2 million investment in a global rollout of MDG. By leveraging the features of RDG, the life sciences organization was able to reduce the cost and time of the project by over $1million.


The client realized dramatic cost savings during the implementation project. By deploying MDG at a more rapid pace, the client has benefitted from the process and data quality improvements that MDG offers.