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SAP Central Finance

Accelerate your move to SAP Central Finance (CFIN) with confidence. Purpose-built within SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti, SAP CFIN accelerates your project from initial data load to flawless real-time data replication — with best practices and AI-driven capabilities built in.

Crowdsource data excellence

Every data stakeholder – from business to IT, and executives to data stewards – can work together in a central cloud-based platform. Streamline workflows and improve outcomes.

Intelligent Enterprise-Ready data

With master data harmonization as a central part of your initial CFIN data migration--along with ongoing data replication--you'll have data you can trust beginning on day one.

Hundreds of non-SAP source mappings

Complex data environment with non-SAP sources? Not a problem. With hundreds of source mappings and 25 years of best practices baked in, Syniti CFIN has you covered.

SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti

Ignite growth, reduce risk with a faster, more effective SAP Central Finance implementation.

Central Finance may be your first step to S/4HANA, and you’ll want to embrace the benefits as quickly as possible. Syniti helps you make the journey to S/4HANA by enabling S/4HANA Central Finance–without disrupting your existing source systems.

Syniti’s Central Finance Accelerator (CFIN) handles complex data mapping and integration activities that must be reliable, repeatable, and completed in real-time. Our 99.7% customer satisfaction rating is testament to getting things done right the first time. And with Syniti, your knowledge stays with you. Unlock and reuse insights to expedite all waves of your CFIN implementation, future S/4 migrations, and other strategic data initiatives.

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International Food and Beverage Company

Syniti delivers successful SAP S/4HANA Central Finance program, centralizing and optimizing data from over 20 countries.

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Reduce implementation costs with a best practice-driven solution strengthened by over 4,000 SAP go-lives.

Designed to address real-world data challenges faced by the world's leading companies, Syniti's CFIN accelerator accelerates time-to-value and reduces risks related to CFIN implementations.

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Automated business partner harmonization

In SAP S/4HANA, customers and vendors are now called business partners. Syniti has automated business partner harmonization, thanks to its built-in capabilities.

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Faster migration waves

With a learning platform that allows you to reuse mappings, harmonization techniques, and more, each successive migration wave becomes easier, faster, and lower risk.

SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management
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Full project transparency

Maintain complete insight into your Central Finance migration project with dashboards that track every aspect, including timelines, data quality scores, and more.

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Easy, accurate data replication

Quickly configure and enjoy near real-time transactional and master data postings with Syniti Data Replication (SDR) and change data capture.

Data Replication
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Automated code generation

Reduce development hours dramatically with automated code generation for data mappings.

Go Live with SAP Applications Faster with a Swift Data Migration

Go live with SAP applications faster, thanks to swift data migration.

Execute on your SAP Central Finance project with confidence.

  • Optimize business processes by improving data quality automatically.
  • Deliver on the promise of S/4 financial reporting with fully trustworthy data.
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  • Accelerate initial project deployment with more pre-defined mappings from non-SAP systems to SAP S/4/HANA than any other solution.
  • Dramatically reduce development hours with auto-generated code from mappings.
  • Put business and data owners in control with a business-user-friendly application.
  • Drive business insights and value by drilling down into reports and individual transactions.
  • Leverage built-in remediation workflow so that any data errors can be fixed quickly by business users through an easy-to-use web interface–without IT involvement.
  • Execute with confidence knowing you’re supported by one of the world’s largest team of 100% data focused experts.
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Every decision about data rules, business processes, team members, roles, mappings, and more is available for your next migration, master data management, or data governance project.

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