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Leading Energy Provider - APJ

Parallel-wave data migration to SAP SuccessFactors™ streamlines enterprise productivity.


With the goal of increasing productivity, an Australian energy provider that services over 2.5 million residents embarked on an organization-wide digital transformation project. The company’s goal was to upgrade aging infrastructure with SAP Cloud applications such as SAP Concur, SAP Enable Now, and SAP Solution Manager. In a second phase, the organization sought to move their HR and payroll data to SAP SuccessFactors™ to automate existing workflows, increase operational transparency, and improve decision making.

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We deployed SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, largely executing the program remotely during the COVID 2020 pandemic. Syniti, along with Deloitte, was tasked with orchestrating the multi-wave, multi-target application program. Together, we relied on the power of ADM and Syniti’s team of 100% data-focused consultants to transform 46,000 HR records, 41,000 payroll records, and 15,000 finance records for our client’s SAP SuccessFactors(TM) implementation.

"First time I've been through a go-live with zero defects!" 


With SAP Advanced Data Migration performed by Syniti, all data loads were executed ahead of time and achieved with zero defects. In turn, the organization realized the benefits of their digital transformation more rapidly, specifically in areas such as employee central, recruitment, onboarding, and payroll modules. The organization will continue to boost customer service through predictive tools and analytics powered by artificial intelligence. This data-driven approach will result in fewer paper-based forms and self-service capabilities such as mobile access— providing greater access to information.

We expect to complete phase three of the program in late 2021. In this phase, we expect to deliver additional value through the introduction of SAP S/4HANA to support better asset management processes, financial systems, enterprise resource planning, procurement, purchasing, logistics and safety. The capabilities provided by these systems will help to future-proof the business by empowering leadership to rethink and redesign existing processes in ways that enhance the employee and customer experience.