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The future of business demands a solid data foundation. So why treat digital transformation the same way you did 15 years ago? It’s time for a shift in how we think about data.

There’s no status quo when it comes to your data.

Syniti’s Data First strategy reconfigures the role of data – from afterthought to foundational first step. Turning “get it done” into “get it right.”

All while meeting your need for speed, scale, and first-time success.

It’s time to reject the status quo and put Data First instead.

Future-Ready Data for a
Future-Now World

Icons Data First Generative AI
Don’t fall behind on SAP Transformation

With the average S/4HANA migration running anywhere from 12-18 months, the 2027 deadline for SAP is closer than you think.

Icons Data First Grow
Grow the business without growing operating expenses

Expectations and demands are increasing while budgets and resources stay flat — a strong Data First foundation can accelerate growth without sending headcount or operating expenses off the charts.

Icons Data First ahead
Streamline innovation and stay ahead of the competition

Expand to new markets, and bring new products to market faster by relying on data that's clean, business-ready, and fit to support your strategic objectives.

Welcome the Generative AI Revolution

Winning companies are turning to AI for customer service, strategy, development, and operations — and clean, AI-ready data will be the foundation to success.

Complimentary Resource
Discover the True Impact Data Quality Has on Migration

More than a Basic Relocation

Lift and shift might move the data, but it doesn’t move the needle. We don’t just relocate data, we refine it until it’s business-ready — so it can support all your high-value business initiatives.

Icons Data TCO

Reduce the TCO of Your Data Landscape

Reduce operational and infrastructure costs by simplifying your SAP landscape. Get data into the "best fit" through rightsizing, system consolidation, and master data harmonization.

Icons Data data

Run smoother on clean data

Reduce process disruption and downtime, and boost efficiency by ensuring your business users are running their processes on high-quality data.

Icons Data first data success

Data should enable transaction success, not stress

Clean, right-sized data enables smoother, controlled, less stressful MA&D transactions.

Icons Data first Compliance

Compliance with confidence

Improve compliance and auditability in highly regulated industries like life sciences and aerospace and defense, and innovate with confidence.

Ensuring accurate, reliable Data First

Your data is critical to project success. Without accurate, comprehensive data, projects can fail. Watch this video to learn how Bio-Rad partnered with Syniti to help move data management off the critical path by focusing on a Data First approach – focusing on the data at the beginning of a project rather than waiting until the end. Digital transformation is the doorway to smarter growth and your data is your key.


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Is your data ready for digital transformation? Find out how Syniti can assist you on your journey to a Data First business.