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Stewardship Tier Learning Path

Stewardship Tier Essentials and Stewardship Tier Foundations are Syniti Core Technology courses. They are prerequisites to completing any Syniti Solution Learning Path.


Course Descriptions

This course is designed to provide an overview of the Stewardship Tier and its key functionality. Stewardship Tier Essentials is intended for any stakeholder of a data project. You want to learn about the key features of this application, as well as how these features support the Syniti Solutions. This course is prerequisite to Stewardship Tier Foundations and all Syniti Solutions Learning Paths leading to a certification.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the two consoles of the Knowledge Platform: Knowledge Tier and Stewardship Tier.
  • Identify and describe the Syniti solutions that are accessed through the Stewardship Tier.
  • Understand how security is defined in the Stewardship Tier.
  • Understand the features and parameters of Common that are central to the Stewardship Tier.
  • Understand how System Types work in the Syniti Stewardship Tier and what are the benefits of using System Types.
  • Understand how Collect is a data repository management component of Stewardship Tier.
  • Understand how Collect functions in the Stewardship Tier to implement the Syniti Solutions.

This is an introductory eLearning only course, and there are no prerequisites.

Stewardship Tier Foundations is designed starting with the Business User in mind and provides fundamental knowledge and skills for developers implementing Syniti Solutions. This course starts with how Security is implemented in the Stewardship Tier. The course then guides you to create custom role definitions, and then apply system types and groups.

You will understand how to import data sources and perform target source registration, create and assign schedules, and finish with understanding business rules. These functions are integral to all Syniti Solutions. There are hands-on exercises in a Learning Lab environment for each module. This course is a prerequisite to all Syniti Solution Developer level courses leading to a certification.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the elements of a security role and understand security exemptions.
  • Create security roles in the Stewardship Tier.
  • Understand user administration in the Stewardship Tier and analyze security assignments to users.
  • Create a System Type and import the Schema information for a given system.
  • Register a Data Source for use throughout Stewardship Tier.
  • Use Collect to register Target and Target Sources for data refresh.
  • Understand what system type groups are and how to use them.
  • Use the fetch process to select a set of tables to import.
  • Apply the alteration of system type meta data, including adding custom fields custom lookup tables.
  • Refresh data using Collect.
  • Add tables to a target.
  • Create and assign a custom schedule in Stewardship Tier.
  • Import business rules.

Stewardship Tier Essentials is a prerequisite to this course. SQL skills are not required.


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