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Syniti Data Replication and Data Connectivity Maintenance & Support Policy
Licensed Software with AMSP

HiT Software offers Product Maintenance and Technical Support through its Annual Maintenance Support Package (AMSP). AMSP includes the following:

  • Major Product Upgrades (major features and performance enhancements)*
  • Minor Product Upgrades (secondary features and performance enhancements)*
  • Maintenance Product Upgrades*
  • New Documentation Releases
  • Annual Technical Support. Technical Support is offered via Help Center and is available 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time and 08:00-17:00 Central European Time.


Under AMSP, upgrades can be accessed electronically or, on request, physically shipped. HiT Software supports the current major release level of a product and its preceding major release level (e.g. 6.x and 5.x).For any product, HiT Software may offer:

  • Major releases
  • Minor releases
  • Maintenance releases

Major, minor and maintenance releases are available to customers with a current Annual Maintenance Support Package (AMSP). Major and minor releases require a new license key. If you do not have AMSP, contact ds.sales@syniti.com to bring your AMSP up to date.

Licensed Software without AMSP

Customers with no Annual Maintenance Support Package (AMSP) will not have access to Technical Support. Maintenance releases for a current product are available to all licensed customers of the base release and do not require a new license key. For example, if you have release, you may download and install a update pack free of charge.