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Enterprise-grade, cloud-native data management, made easy.

Our data management solution gives you the flexibility to store data on your terms, and get your most important data initiatives up and running quickly with adaptable staging and deployment options.

The Syniti Knowledge Platform offers data location and security on your terms. 

Customer Site

Store your data on-premise, behind your firewall in your location of choice. 

Private Cloud

Compatible with all hyperscalers, you choose the cloud environment that suits your enterprise. 

Syniti Hosted

Take advantage of Syniti’s secure cloud for all your data staging and processing needs. 


Syniti Knowledge Platform - The Enterprise SaaS Data Management Solution

The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) is an intelligent, cloud-native, enterprise SaaS solution supporting every component of your data strategy. Consisting of a highly secure multi-tenant command and control area, the SKP is connected via distributed processing to your preferred data environments utilizing the lightweight and hyper-secure Syniti Connector, enabling full-cloud and hybrid-cloud implementations.

Designed to adhere the most stringent security, privacy and residency requirements of multi-national organizations, you are in control of where your data resides. With Syniti, you can expect the security you require and the speed you deserve.

GFX SKP Metadata


One platform, unlimited data initiatives

The Syniti Knowledge Platform streamlined cloud experience supports all data initiatives and stakeholders in one central environment, enabling you to manage all your future data migration, quality, governance, replication and master data initiatives.

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Advanced metadata scanning and profiling

The SKP is a central repository for data and can securely host or replicate data via connections to SAP S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, and hundreds of other systems.

Data Catalog

Automated, centralized data catalog creation

Metadata scanning and profiling efforts result in the automatic creation of an integrated, centralized data catalog that highlights the connections and relationships between your data, making it easily searchable and providing the framework for the management of rules, policies and enforcements across every data initiative.

Data Catalog Dashboard 1

Low-code capabilities to accelerate every data project

While the SKP has exceptional out-of-the-box capability, we’re sure your landscape and processes will require some customization. With the SKP, you can leverage our low-code/no-code capabilities, which allows your team or our team of expert consultants to build your perfect experience.

Low Code Dev

Best practices packs to speed up your initiatives

You’ll never start your data projects from scratch with Syniti. Lower risk and increase the likelihood of project success by choosing the acceleration packs you need to make your project move faster.

Migration Project Management

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