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Operational Data Matching

Maximize operations with
trusted, matched data

Rapidly find business opportunity with the only AI-driven “operational data” matching solution focused on ERP and supply chain data

Reduce reliance on expensive human resources with technology that delivers matches with human-like perception at super-human scale

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Operational data is complex and messy


Matching Operational

*diagram showing variations of the same floating water pump

Use Cases

Improve operations and unlock business value

Advance your most important strategic business initiatives by delivering duplicate-free data.

Improve analytics and deliver business intelligence quickly with optimally matched operational data

Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA migration or ERP consolidation

Reduce reliance on expensive human resources and experience a 75% reduction in time spent on de-duplication

Streamline mergers and acquisitions

Unify operational data from multiple brands and platforms to get truly accurate view your business.

Jumpstart your Industry 4.0 strategy

Rapidly find cost savings and free up working capital. Maximize uptime by aligning products, parts and equipment enterprise-wide

Deliver faster, more accurate analytics

Boost confidence by delivering the clean, matched data your analysts need to enable faster, more accurate decision making.

Syniti Introduces Revolutionary AI-driven Operational Data Matching Solution

The pragmatic first step to deliver clean, trusted operational data

Quickly find cost savings, drive process improvements and free up working capital. Consider multiple data-driven use cases and define related business opportunity without a massive effort or the need for expensive coders or data scientists.

IMG DataMatch Operational v1

Data matching, deduplication and harmonization is critical to a successful ERP migration or consolidation.  Reduce reliance on expensive human resources by 75% or more.

Find out how Syniti delivers 46% faster migration projects

IMG DataMatch Operational v12

Find millions in potential spare part savings with purpose-built algorithms, and proprietary fuzzy matching that uncovers previously undiscovered matches and business opportunity.

How does your data stack up? Download the HFS Research report

IMG DataMatch Operational v13

Match parts and align them with vendors in a way never before possible. Identify millions in potential procurement savings.

Bad Data is a Big Problem for Enterprises - Infographic

IMG DataMatch Operational v14

Detect and eliminate duplicate or mismatched product data and let intelligent technology do the heavy lifting for you.

The complexity of name matching - Download the whitepaper

IMG DataMatch Operational v15

Trust that your ERP and supply chain data is accurate. Find and fix equipment and parts locally or cross-location to minimize costly downtime.

Trust Your Data

Improve operational performance with high value data matching

According to Forbes, the average Fortune 500 manufacturer has $40-$60 million of working capital tied up in excess parts.  Industry standard annual carrying costs are 20-30% of inventory value.

Find and fix partial data

Identify materials or parts where key information is missing, making it easier to find replacements. Limit overbuying, save money on storage and have the critical parts you need.

Standardize inconsistent data

Catch parts or materials that were setup outside of your organization's standard operating procedures. Match parts and align them with vendors enterprise-wide.

Classify identical data

Detect spelling errors or abbreviated ERP duplicative data with human-like perception at super-human scale. Reduce reliance on critical line of business users to make sense of the historic operational data.

Operational Data Matching is available as part of the Syniti Knowledge Platform or directly as a component of Syniti Match

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