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Rapid, reliable data migration to the SAP cloud

Realize on-time, on-budget data migration to your SAP applications with SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti (SAP ADM). Whether your organization is embracing SAP SuccessFactors, Concur, or Ariba, Syniti delivers Intelligent Enterprise-ready data with a 38% reduction in data migration costs.

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SAP = Our largest partner and reseller

SAP resells Syniti software as SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti (SAP ADM). It's the only SAP premium-qualified, cloud-based data migration solution sold on SAP's price list.

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Faster, more successful cloud migration

SAP ADM orchestrates and automates data migration projects, providing customers with a clear route to the cloud with a 46% increase in project efficiency.

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Intelligent Enterprise-ready data, delivered

SAP ADM powers the move to the Intelligent Enterprise by putting data quality at the heart of every cloud transformation and migration program.

Syniti and Advanced SAP Data Migration

Turn your cloud transformation into a competitive advantage

Moving data to the cloud has the potential to be so much more than simply moving data from one system to another. SAP ADM is not just a “lift and shift” tool, it’s a solution designed from the ground up to accelerate organizational agility.

With SAP ADM, you can orchestrate the entire end-to-end data migration process from source-to-target; and extract, transform, and harmonize data in the SAP Cloud with Intelligent Enterprise-ready data beginning on day one.


Data management software built to deliver cloud data migration.

SAP premium certified

SAP ADM is an SAP-approved solution extension, preferred partner of RISE with SAP, and an SAP solution of choice for effective data migration.

Budget predictability

With Syniti, companies can be confident that their SAP cloud migration project will be done right first time. Thanks to integrated data intelligence dashboards, you can easily track timelines, data quality, workflows, and project outcomes.

Optimized and inherent data quality

We optimize your data to optimize your business. Every SAP S/4HANA migration project delivers dramatically improved data quality, resulting in a centralized and trusted data landscape proven to deliver an 8-month payback and 303% ROI.

Accelerated future value

Don’t throw away all your work and knowledge. Your data rules, business processes, team members, roles, mappings, and more will be captured and available for your next data initiative, resulting in up to 50% future cost savings.

8-Steps to a Successful Data Migration: Read the ebook

Supported target applications for SAP ADM

SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti accelerates organizations on their cloud journey. Here are just some of the targets the SAP ADM software helps organizations migrate to:

SAP solution of choice for migrating to S/4HANA

On the road to SAP S/4HANA Cloud? Regardless of the path you’re taking, SAP ADM is designed to support your cloud transformation. As a preferred partner of the RISE program and an SAP solution of choice for effective data migration, look no further than SAP ADM to orchestrate a successful S/4HANA transformation.

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SAP Central Finance

Central Finance is a common first step organizations take on their cloud transformation journey. With the complex requirements of connecting and merging diverse sources of data, Syniti’s purpose-built accelerator for S/4HANA Central Finance, combined with the refined power of SAP ADM, can orchestrate your transition.

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SAP SuccessFactors

Organizations are supporting greater numbers of remote workers than ever before. As a result, enterprises are increasingly adopting a centralized cloud solution like SAP SuccessFactors to help initiate and automate HR tasks. Syniti guides your organization as it moves to SAP SuccessFactors through its SAP ADM accelerator, which orchestrates your entire cloud data migration, from end-to-end.

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SAP Ariba

With supply chains more volatile and dynamic than ever, most businesses have made speeding up time-to-action in procurement management a priority. With SAP ADM and a purpose-built accelerator based on best practices developed from past Ariba projects, you can reach SAP Ariba faster.

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