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SAP Migrations

SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management (ADMM) by Syniti compliments the RISE with SAP offering and is a solution of choice for effective data migration.

Syniti Knowledge Platform is an SAP Endorsed Application

Aligned with your SAP ambitions

RISE with SAP success depends on high-quality data and effective project orchestration. Here’s how Syniti, helps organizations realize their SAP objectives:

With SAP ADMM, turn your biggest data migration concerns into competitive advantage 

  • Accelerate top- and bottom-line value generation: With data you can trust, you can drive decision-making with assurance, knowing your data is accurate, consistent, and relevant. 
  • Reduce IT and operational costs: Save on capital investments in personnel with automation, and reduce cloud infrastructure costs through the programmatic removal of bad and unneeded data.
  • Ensure a Boring Go-Live®: Reduce data migration project risks and secure an on-budget, on-time and boring go-live, allowing your business to take advantage of the benefits of SAP  immediately.

Getting to RISE isn’t the end of the road, it’s just the beginning 

  • Accelerate downstream data projects: When using SAP ADMM, the migration is not an isolated, one-time effort. All metadata, rules and policies  and mappings are retained for future use in migration, data quality, MDM or governance programs.
  • Increase accessibility and process cohesion: Regardless of where your data is stored, manage it using a central, cloud-based stewardship solution that makes organization-wide data management simple.
  • Enhance compliance: Unauthorized data changes and missing governance lineage may cause compliance issues if not documented.  All this knowledge is automatically retained and easily accessible to avoid these challenges.

Whatever RISE approach you’re taking, Syniti secures the migration process, enabling you to: 

  • Improve migration predictability and reliability: Proven, embedded methodologies ensure all stakeholders are working towards the same goal and advanced automation reduces manual intervention risk.
  • Increase project and stakeholder confidence: Execute with assurance with a tried and tested tool for cloud data migration and Syniti’s team of 100% data-focused experts, veterans of the most complex data projects.
  • Strengthen connection with hyperscaler infrastructure: SAP ADMM boosts data accessibility for management in conjunction with the worlds-leading cloud infrastructure providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google Cloud, and others.

Trusted by SAP

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Syniti now fully supports SAP Datasphere

Delivering RISE with SAP, whatever path you’re on

No transformation scenario is quite the same.  No matter how you approach your RISE with SAP program, SAP ADMM by Syniti, delivers an accelerated and streamlined migration experience.

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Brownfield (System Conversion) Transitions

Is timeframe your highest priority? Syniti delivers transformations at speed. Our RISE for SAP solution delivers rapid, predictable migrations while also capturing valuable rules, roles, policies, and metadata for re-use, ensuring you can accelerate any future strategic data initiatives by up to 50%.

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Selective Data Transitions

Looking to find the trade-off between Speed and Risk? By working in a single, cloud-based solution that orchestrates your data migration process, Syniti accelerates and de-risks the entire program. Plus, with an unparalleled focus on data quality, you take only optimized data to your SAP destination.

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Greenfield (New Implementation) Migrations

Ready to overhaul your enterprise landscape? Syniti is the established solution of choice for RISE with SAP programs and are worldwide experts at executing new implementation data migrations. Whatever source you’re coming from, SAP ADMM seamlessly orchestrates data migration, reducing unplanned downtime by 96%.

SAP and Syniti

Turn SAP data migration into competitive advantage.

You can confidently execute on your most important SAP data migration projects with Syniti. Our AI/ML-enabled, cloud-based solution is embedded with years of best practices and proven data quality reports to help guide you. Best of all, your data stakeholders all work together in one system, working towards the same goal.

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Free IDC Report: The Business Value of Advanced Data Migration

Learn how SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti helps enterprises to migrate into S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Ariba, and other SAP applications

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We power the world’s leading RISE with SAP hyperscalers and partners

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SAP Solutions and Accelerators

Delivering SAP, whatever path you're on

Syniti has partnered with SAP for years and has successfully delivered SAP data initiatives for thousands of clients. Not only does SAP resell our software as SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti, but we offer a wide range of accelerators to deliver your SAP programs predictably and reliably.

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SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti

Our SAP solution extension delivers 38% less expensive migrations and enjoys a 46% increase in project efficiency according to IDC.

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Migrate to SAP S/4HANA

Migrate with SAP's solution of choice for effective data migration to SAP S/4HANA.

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SAP Central Finance Accelerator

Take the first step to the Intelligent Enterprise with this world-class solution accelerator for SAP Central Finance.

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Migrate to SAP Cloud

Drive your SAP transformation to the cloud with the refined power of SAP ADMM and purpose-built accelerators for SAP Ariba and SAP SuccessFactors.

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Rapid Data Governance (SAP Master Data Governance Accelerator)

Accelerate your SAP MDG implementation by 50% and propel it to greater success with our Rapid Data Governance accelerator.

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