Put Data Quality to Work with Data Jumpstart

Data Jumpstart is a low-risk, high-impact way to identify business opportunity in your enterprise data in just three weeks.

The 3-Week Solution for the 95% of Execs
that Don’t Fully Trust Their Data
Identify Data Quality Challenges

Gain clarity into issues and define actionable next steps.

Connect Data Quality Directly to Business Outcomes

Find cost savings, cash flow and P&L improvements.

Build the Business Case for Future Data Priorities

Define your remediation approach, future phases, master data and data governance plans.

Drive Business Value from Data

With Data Jumpstart, know — don’t guess — what data quality means
to your business and what steps you should take.

Learn how data quality improvement can impact your bottom line. Join us for an IDC analyst webinar.

What You Can Expect in Less Than a Month
Data Clarity

The answers to the “What and Why” of Data Quality

Actionable Insights

Visibility into next steps, remediation priorities and process impacts

Business Outcomes

Identification of potential cost savings, cash flow, P&L or process improvements

Data Business Case

Recommended downstream ‘strategic data initiative’ roadmap and business case

Data Engine Ignited

Enterprise data platform turned on for remediation and future strategic data initiatives, like migrations, MDM and data governance


Rapid Data Quality Assessment Results in Identification of Millions in Potential Supply Chain Savings

The Challenge

Spare parts spend of nearly $15M annually and a spare parts inventory of over $16M.

A manufacturing organization running SAP, was looking to eradicate their duplicative stock of spare parts and increase central purchasing power across their enterprise. The business was dedicated to improving working capital and reduce overall unit costs via an initial data quality initiative as an integral part of their planned for SAP S/4HANA migration.

The Solution

Deployed Data Jumpstart effort focused on Supply Chain and MRO challenges.

Within two weeks the teams were reviewing hundreds of “Initial Insight” reports. Building off of those, within a few more weeks the project teams had developed focused “Actionable Insight” reports identifying where millions of dollars in savings could be found via data harmonization and standardization.

The Outcome

Quantified ROI: one-time $2m+ inventory reduction and over $1.5M on-going operating savings.

The project quickly returned results and identified a projected ‘financial return’ on investment of nearly $1.5M in reduced procurement spend each year on spart parts and a $2M+ reduction in current duplicate parts. The projected ‘workforce return’ of over $200k was based on savings from finding, requisitioning, picking/re-picking the correct spare parts more efficiently.



Connecting Data Quality to the Business Bottom Line

One of the biggest challenges for data teams right now is showing the bottom-line value of improving data quality to the business. So what can you do about it? Join the data management experts at Syniti and a guest speaker from the analyst firm IDC, for this informative webinar.

Focus in on Key Business Processes to Drive Results
  • Recover Working Capital

  • Get Rebate Volume Discounts

  • Clean Vendor Data

  • Maximize Plant Uptime

  • Reduce Critical Equipment Outages

  • Reduce Inventory and OpEx

  • Recover Working Capital

  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

  • Clean Customer Data

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