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The data landscapes of many businesses have become so vast it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

As a business grows, inevitably, so will the amount of data they hold. Meaning it runs the risk of being too complex to grasp – let alone optimise. Expanding data volumes and a growing number of systems that collect, process and analyse it make data quality a complex task. No company can afford to bury their heads in the sand about the issue.

In addition, valuable knowledge is often locked in the minds of individual teams, meaning a business can’t act with agility or even have confidence in it to make significant business decisions.

So how do you proceed in making your data the most useful tool for business improvement?

Book a chat with our technical experts and SAP Mentor’s Owen Pettiford or Frank Schuler to discuss their step by step process to improving data quality and successful data migration.

Syniti, formerly BackOffice Associates, was founded in 1996 to solve business’ complex data challenges, bringing together data and business, delivering confidence and progress along clients’ business transformation journey. The firm works with major businesses such as Zurich, Saint Gobain, and Yell.

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