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Your ultimate SAP data migration solution.

SAP Advanced
Data Migration

Don’t get burned by using ETL/ Excel to orchestrate your data migration. Deliver faster, frictionless enterprise data migrations from one trusted cloud platform. SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti reduces data migration costs by 38% and delivers Boring Go-Lives®, without fail.

Make Data Migration Boring: 10 Steps to Ensure On-Time, High-Quality Delivery
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SAP = Our largest partner and reseller

SAP resells Syniti software as SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti. It is a cloud-based data migration solution sold on SAP's price list.

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Faster, more successful data migrations

SAP Advanced Data Migration orchestrates and automates data migration projects throughout the enterprise data lifecycle, providing customers with a 46% increase in project efficiency.

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Intelligent Enterprise-ready data, delivered

SAP Advanced Data Migration powers the move to the Intelligent Enterprise, producing target-ready data at 99.9% accuracy.

SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti

Turn data migration into competitive advantage.

With the right tools in place and the right team supporting you, data migration can streamline your IT total cost of ownership, accelerate organizational agility and performance, and improve decision-making through advanced reporting and analytics. This hidden business value can only be unleashed if your data is trusted and understood.

With SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, you can extract, transform, and harmonize your data– ensuring you reach your new SAP ERP or cloud application with Intelligent Enterprise-Ready data beginning on day one.

With best practices from thousands of SAP go-lives embedded in our software, SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti gains intelligence with every project, continuing to deliver for our customers, time after time.

American Airlines Data Migration

American Airlines Merger-Driven Data Transformation Takes Off

Merger required consolidation of HR and payroll data across the newly combined airline’s 130,000+ active employees and 500,000+ former employees.

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Hundreds of organizations have used Syniti's Advanced Data Migration Software

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American Airlines Data Migration
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Frictionless SAP data migrations, without fail

SAP preferred

SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, is an SAP-approved solution extension, a preferred partner of RISE with SAP, and an SAP solution of choice for effective data migration.

Budget predictability

SAP Advanced Data Migration customers know their SAP data migration projects will be done right, on-time, and on-budget. Customers consistently experience a positive ROI in under 12 months.

Optimized and inherent data quality

SAP Advanced Data Migration dramatically improves data quality during every data transformation, resulting in a trusted, centralized data landscape where superior business outcomes can become reality.

Faster migration waves

With a learning platform driven by AI/ML, SAP Advanced Data Migration allows you to reuse mappings, harmonization techniques, and more–ensuring each successive migration wave becomes easier, faster, and lower risk.

Complete project transparency

SAP Advanced Data Migration delivers comprehensive insight into your data initiative with dashboards that track every aspect of your project: including timelines, data quality scores, workflows, outcomes, and more.

Accelerated downstream projects

Whether you’re migrating or governing data with SAP Advanced Data Migration, every decision about data rules, business processes, team members and roles, mappings, and more is available post go-live in SAP Advanced Data Migration for your next data initiative– resulting in future cost savings.

Address your most important data initiatives.

SAP Advanced Data Migration powers an extensive range of challenging data migration projects. Here’s just some of the scenarios the SAP Advanced Data Migration helps deliver:

SAP solution of choice for any path to SAP S/4HANA you choose

On the road to SAP S/4HANA? Regardless of the path you’re taking, SAP Advanced Data Migration can support your data transformation. As a preferred partner of the RISE program, we can support you –whether your path is Selective Data Transition, Greenfield, or Brownfield.

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Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures

Whether you’re pre-transaction and looking to complete appropriate due-diligence, or post-announcement and looking to integrate/ divest, SAP Advanced Data Migration helps you orchestrate and execute during all transaction stages.

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ERP consolidation

If you’re looking to streamline your ERP infrastructure to a centralized, governed data landscape, you’ll need a tool that automates the data migration from a diverse set of source systems to a new or existing single ERP.

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Move to the SAP cloud

A move to an SAP cloud application can unlock tremendous potential in terms of total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) reduction and organizational collaboration, but getting there effectively and quickly can pose challenges. Syniti’s solution accelerators work with SAP Advanced Data Migration to ensure your migration to the SAP cloud is seamless and delivers results.

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Driving analytics-ready data

SAP Advanced Data Migration isn’t just an asset during data migration. It helps you manage MDM, adhere to data governance, and achieve world-class data quality. Combining all these critical data processes into one, unified cloud solution builds the perfect foundation for a trusted data landscape.

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