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DBTA Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Best Data Governance Solution

The 2021 DBTA Readers' Choice Awards votes are in! We are proud to announce that the Syniti Knowledge Platform won Best Data Governance Solution.

The past 18 months have put the need for data-driven insight and agility into sharp focus for many organizations. While this has long been a strong trend, these capabilities became a ne­cessity seemingly overnight to the great benefit of those with the ingenuity and foresight to have planned ahead.

Accelerated digital transformation has been felt in a variety of ways across all industry sectors. In addition to using data more effec­tively, the ability to streamline processes and move away from man­ual, labor-heavy functions is a boon to many companies and, long-term, the data that is being produced by people and devices is creating a wealth of data to be mined well into the future.

With more data than ever being created, making the right choices among the myriad options for data management and analytics is a top priority for many organizations. To help them progress along their data-driven journeys, each year, DBTA presents the Readers’ Choice Awards which provides the opportunity to recognize com­panies whose products have been selected by the experts—our readers.

Representative of the IT market itself, the categories in the com­petition are diverse, ranging from well-established technologies such as MultiValue and relational database systems to newer products and services for DataOps, streaming, and the Internet of Things.

To view the full list and the original article on DBTA’s site, click HERE.