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AWS Data Migration & Management Accelerator

AWS and the Syniti Knowledge Platform provide a single data migration and quality platform for your SAP S/4HANA investment on the most trusted cloud infrastructure – AWS.

Syniti Knowledge Platform is Available on the AWS Marketplace

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Aligned With Your AWS Ambitions

The Syniti Knowledge Platform accelerates migrations, drives data quality and integrity, and enables digital transformation. Here’s how Syniti helps organizations realize their AWS objectives:

Syniti is hosted on AWS, so AWS cloud customers have lower cost and less complex implementation with a singular cloud infrastructure to certify and manage.

Performance and simplicity as data and application will be co-resident on the same infrastructure, providing flexible data residency options.

Optimize data scope by archiving old or poor quality data via Syniti – saving significant data under management costs.

Deliver new business insights to drive real-time visibility and better decision-making with a better data foundation and resiliency and security of AWS.

Syniti Knowledge Platform: Now Available in the AWS Solutions Library as a Data Integration & Management Solution for SAP
Use Cases

Syniti is the Data Platform of Choice and Innovation for AWS Customers

See how we help customers get the most value out of their enterprise data.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Making an acquisition or divesting a division or product line? Syniti continues to be the data migration solution of choice for hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions.

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ERP Migration and Consolidation

Transitioning to the newest version of your ERP? Looking to consolidate multiple systems into one? Syniti helps you execute with confidence and deliver digital-ready data on day one.

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Moving to the AWS Cloud

Migrating your global HR solution to the cloud? Moving your procurement or PLM solution to a SaaS platform? Our source-and target-agnostic software delivers every time.

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SAP Migrations

• SAP Central Finance
• SAP SuccessFactors
• SAP Ariba

Ready to get started?

Many of the largest global system integrators recommend Syniti as their enterprise data migration platform and partner of choice. Ready to execute your most critical business initiatives with confidence?