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Data Assessment Express

One-week SAP Data Quality Assessment
Rapid visibility into the state of your data quality and what it means to your business bottom line.

Accelerate your move to S/4HANA with Proceed Rightsizer, now owned by Syniti
Use Cases

Inform and Transform Your Data Strategy.

Identify data challenges and opportunities and transform your data quality business case in just one-week.

Prepare for an SAP S/4HANA Migration

Gain clarity into data relevancy and quality priorities before kicking off your SAP S/4 transformation

Identify cost reductions, improve business processes

Find P&L improvement opportunities and prioritize projects based on business upside

Accelerate data governance planning

Validate the status of your data quality and build the business case for data governance

Enhance analytics performance

Identify data challenges impacting business intelligence accuracy and throughput

Webinar - On Demand
How a One-week Data Assessment can Transform Your Data Strategy
Data Quality Outcomes

Jumpstart your most important data initiatives

Automated assessment of SAP Critical Data Elements (CDE) and identification of cross-domain data business opportunities.

Data relevancy

Reduce load volumes and costs with technical and functional relevancy scanners

Data Match and Deduplication

Let AI discover the extent and impact of dirty and duplicate data

Data Cleansing

Identify defects and prioritize high value projects and quick wins

Business Insight Outcomes

Business Upside Identification

Develop your data quality business plan with visibility into quick wins, potential cost savings and P&L improvements and project priorities

Process-specific insights

Identify risk and upside in Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Materials Management and Finance

Unique business outcome dashboards

Tie data quality to quantifiable cost savings

Business case support

Insights into defects, risks and cost saving opportunities


Understand your data quality status and move forward with confidence

In days you can expect accurate data quality insights and support for a prioritized data quality business case

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Data Clarity

In-depth answers to the state of your data quality and what to do about it in your most important business processes

GFX Icon Compliance
Actionable next steps

Visibility into next steps, remediation priorities, and process impacts

GFX Icon Banking Financial
Cost savings, P&L improvements

Identification of anticipated cost savings, cash flow, P&L, or process improvements

GFX Icon Performance Good
Data business case

Recommended downstream "strategic data initiative" roadmap and business case

Data Assessment Advanced

Need a Deeper Dive into your data?

Expand beyond assessment automation with Data Assessment Advanced.
Enhance your data strategy with custom workshops, tailored reports and dashboards and detailed insights delivered by Syniti's unparalleled data experts.