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Cure your duplicate data pain with smarter matching.
Unlock a clear, connected view of your customer, business, and ERP data.

Catch Duplicates Before They Catch You

Staying on top of data quality can be tricky when you’ve got contact, business, and operations data stored across various systems. Pesky hidden duplicates may seem like a minor problem, but can cause major pain in the not-so-distant future. Syniti Match rapidly and reliably finds duplicates within your data, no matter its source or structure.

Duplicate Data Cost Calculator

How much is duplicate data costing your business?


100,000 1,000,000,000

Duplication rate: %

3% 16%

Avg cost per duplicate: $

$10 $100

Duplicate records:
Total annual costs 0
Annual cost eliminated 0

Cost Profile Scenario Comparison

*This tool is provided solely for illustrative purposes. Syniti disclaims all representations and warranties as to the information provided, and any resulting calculations should not be construed as an offer.

Key Benefits

Human-like intelligence, superhuman scale

Syniti has successfully replicated the natural intelligence humans use when forming comparisons – and our matching engine delivers that capability at scale.

Our software utilizes AI, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, and context-sensitive lexicons to evaluate matches contextually the same way a human would.

This enables the software to “understand” your data based on what it is rather than where it resides in a table. 

Precision is power.

Fine-tuned AI maximizes matches found while minimizing false positives.

We’ll handle the heavy lifting.

Reduce strain on technical resources by bringing your party data as is, zero wrangling required.

Deploy how and where you’d like.

Cloud-native software supports hybrid and full cloud deployment options, offering complete flexibility on how and where your matching jobs run.

Run match jobs without breaking a sweat.

Default match settings are based on your data, with the flexibility to adjust for specific use cases. Smart settings intuitively scale with the growing volume and variety of your data, empowering users to perform complex jobs with ease.


The Greatest Evolution in Data Matching Technology in a Lifetime.

With 30+ years of development and customer experience behind it, Syniti Match continues to deliver. We've spent years perfecting the science of matching to help data-driven organizations solve their most complex challenges. The engine we've built is flexible and scalable to help businesses match billions of records, and from just about any source or enterprise system to help you make smarter decisions -- faster.

Primed for Performance, Built for Speed

Architecture That Helps You Match Faster

Match billions of records in minutes with batch ingestion to correct duplicate data. Find matches in a sub-second with real-time ingestion to prevent duplicate record creation.

Our powerful engine’s dual-matching architecture is able to tackle thousands, millions, or even billions of records at lightning speed.

Batch Realtime
Match More than Party Data

High-Value Matching for Your Operational Data

Ready to go beyond party data matching? Syniti matches the data behind your business operations, also known as operational data. By matching this ERP and supply chain data – such as items, equipment, parts, assets, business partners, and SKUs, enterprises can reduce spare parts, ensure a reliable supply chain, and save millions in working capital.

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Read the who and how Syniti Match helps these global brands

Customer Success Stories

WEBINAR - Listen Now On-Demand!

One Duplicate Is All It Takes: How to Prevent the Bad Data Domino Effect

Join Syniti in our latest webinar to find out what it takes to establish a proactive data quality strategy, and which capabilities enterprises should seek from a data matching solution to achieve this? Learn how far-reaching the impact of a single missed duplicate can be, how Syniti’s real-time data matching technology delivers preventive detection, and how to begin building your organization’s proactive data quality strategy.

Use Cases

Powering iconic enterprises with better data matching

Trusted and understood data never goes out of style. Here are some situations in which Syniti data matching can help you elevate your performance.

Combat CRM Duplication

Achieve a single, 360 view of the customer to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences and win the battle against broken customer journeys.

Simplify SAP Migrations

Maintain a system of clean data while migrating to SAP S/4 HANA by streamlining business partner harmonization with complete and accurate customer and supplier data.

Transform Vendor Management

Match parts and align them with vendors to identify qualified volume discounts and help find millions in potential procurement savings.

Unlock Greater Inventory Visibility

Identify and correct duplicate, incomplete, and mismatched inventory information data to deliver greater visibility into ERP and supply chain data.


Data matching for your move to SAP S/4HANA

Accelerate data harmonization by 90% and experience a 75% reduction in the amount of time spent on de-duplication on your journey to SAP S/4HANA

Ready to get started?