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CRM Data Matching

Salesforce, CRM, Customer, Vendor, and Address
Data is Full of Duplicates.


Curing CRM Duplicates with
Syniti Match

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Eliminate Data Decay in Customer & Marketing Data

Stop paying the price for unmatched and duplicate CRM data.
IBM estimates that 20-40% of customer profiles or records are duplicates leading to higher costs, reputational risks and lost business.  To eliminate this problem, we’ve connected the world’s best data matching engine and the world’s leading CRM.

Improve Account Based Marketing

According to Forrester, 21% of every marketing dollar has been wasted due to poor data. Eliminate duplicate accounts, clarify your view of your customers and improve customer experience and outcomes.

Control Data Import Hygiene

Can you tell instantly if a new data record is already a customer or prospect? With Syniti Data Matching, you can be confident that your data is accurate and that your messaging and communication is informed and appropriate.

Accelerate M&A Assimilation

In acquisition mode? With Syniti, when you merge discreet CRM’s into a single instance you can identify shared accounts and contacts, recognize potential opportunities, and align sales attribution in minutes, not weeks or months.

Optimize Sales Attribution

When data is duplicated and unmatched, it becomes difficult to track the buyer’s journey from lead to opportunity to revenue resulting in inconsistent reporting and revenue attribution. Execute with confidence, knowing that every lead, prospect, opportunity and customer is unique and accurate.

Identify duplicates with human-like perception – at scale.

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Understanding the Complexity of Name Matching

Accurate contact matching for CRMs and party data is no easy task, especially at the scale enterprises need. In this in-depth whitepaper find out why conventional solutions aren’t equipped to handle the complexity of name matching, and how our intelligent solution can help.

GFX WP Matching ComplexityMatching

Eliminate the duplicate problem in CRM, enterprise-wide

According to Dun and Bradstreet, 19% of businesses have lost a customer by using inaccurate or incomplete information.

No Preprocessing

Utilizing purpose-built AI, Syniti Data Matching configures itself based on the nature of your data and the focal point of your matching.

Complete Control

Syniti Data Matching includes a collection of features and tools that make complex data matching as easy as pressing a button by bringing together the world's most advanced matching engine with a user interface forged in simplicity.

Built for Speed

In-memory processing is significantly faster than competing solutions that rely on sluggish disk storage. Multi-threaded Processing enables many functions to process concurrently making much more efficient use of available hardware.

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