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Syniti Information Management

Syniti Information Management unlocks the obscurity in data with DeepGuidance and automatically discovers the critical relationships, dependencies and lineage that every business needs to run their business with the confidence of trusted data.

Delivering the trusted data that the business demands with absolute completeness and with completeness and accuracy has proven challenging to even the most savvy organizations. Increasingly it seems every business or application initiative requires a comprehensive knowledge of where the data exists, who owns it, and
how it is defined. This type of data insight and understanding always seemed elusive. Now, with the cloud and the power of Syniti Information Management, aligning data, policies and business rules with your business strategy is now within reach.

Key Information Management Benefits with Syniti

Align Data Strategy to Business Strategy

Drive alignment of your data strategy to your business strategy and enable complete visibility into how the activities performed advance your business goals and initiatives.

Curate Highly Trusted Data with Artificial Intelligence

Syniti DeepGuidance brings all of your data contributors together with embedded AI to curate the trusted data needed to achieve strategic goals.

Agree on Business Terminology

The Syniti Glossary provides the precise meaning of business terms so there
is alignment across all stakeholders and the business.

Find Data Fast

Syniti Information Management is a native cloud platform that allows every part of your organization to search, find and align on data as a strategic asset.

Don’t Throw Away Your Knowledge

Unlock and reuse insights and knowledge trapped in your data

Introducing Syniti Knowledge Platform.
The industry’s first knowledge-driven platform to…

Reuse data to deliver your outcomes faster
Capture and release the latent power in your data
Unlock the potential of data in context of your business



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