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Data Migration, Data Quality

Global Retailer

Consolidating and harmonizing data from 25 business units into a single, shared SAP S/4HANA™ platform.


A leading global retailer with over 100,000 employees was migrating to SAP S/4HANA™. The company needed to consolidate and harmonize data from 25 separate businesses onto a single shared system. The challenge: improving data quality in-flight, while delivering the project on-time and in-scope.

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Using the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP), the company was able to apply a repeatable, reusable, best practice-driven data migration process. The platform effectively streamlined data consolidation from all of the company’s business units. Syniti’s collaboration and workflow capabilities ensured all business and IT stakeholders remained engaged in the migration, data quality, and data harmonization process throughout the entirety of the project.


Working with Syniti to accelerate its SAP S/4HANA™ implementation, the company was able to lower both risk and costs. The project delivered a single, managed repository from which to control data across multiple parallel businesses. This resulted in significantly enhanced data quality.  Furthermore, we delivered on-time and on-budget.