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Data Jumpstart Assessment

Syniti's software-driven assessment is the pragmatic first step for companies preparing for an ERP migration, looking to improve business processes and reduce costs, kick off a data governance program or take their business analytics to the next level.

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Use Cases

When Data Jumpstart makes sense

Data is the world’s most valuable asset, but it's not always trusted. Data Jumpstart can quickly highlight why data is mission-critical, and how it can ignite growth and reduces risk in your enterprise.

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Experience the impact of good data

Trustworthy data is a goal of every business, whether that's related to invoicing, vendor onboarding, new product creation, or a myriad of other business processes. If you experience low first-time-right percentages, you have a business or data process problem. Quickly identify issues so you can get your business back on track.

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Prepare for a migration project

Whether you're planning for a move to SAP S/4HANA or consolidating multiple ERP or HR systems, data quality, relevancy, and harmonization each play a critical role. Execute with confidence by understanding your data risks and opportunities before these complex projects begin.

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Prove your data business case

Often your IT and data teams understand your company's data challenges but aren't provided the resources they need to address these concerns. In just 3 weeks, Data Jumpstart helps you connect data quality directly to business outcomes, solidifying your business case.

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Deliver analytics-ready data

You may have the best data scientists in the world, but if your data isn't accurate or trusted, it's underperforming. Define and prioritize your next steps to ensure your data is complete and reliable—and keep it that way.

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Let Syniti guide you on your journey to trusted data.