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The most profitable M&A transactions require great data

Syniti software has managed data migrations for hundreds of billions of dollars worth of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Ensure the success of your transaction with accurate, trustworthy data.

Deliver Faster Time-to-Value in Every MA&D Scenario
The Three M&A Questions Data Can Help You Answer
Business Outcomes

Buy-side or sell-side, turn M&A data into business opportunity.

Optimize due diligence with smart data technology

Syniti’s automation helps validate deal rationale, identify shared customers and suppliers, and create realistic and achievable integration timelines.

Transform data flawlessly

Harmonize and integrate all relevant data smoothly and quickly with the world’s best source-agnostic data migration solution.

Manage with full transparency

Track every aspect of your data project on dashboards to ensure success and compliance.

How to Avoid Data Risks in Your M&A Project

Trustworthy data matters

From Day 0 to TSA exit, Syniti has you covered.


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Can't Miss Webinar

Strategies to Deliver Frictionless Enterprise Data Migrations

May 25th, 11 am EST — The Boring Go-Live Playbook: Learn how Syniti’s toolset of expertise and technology come together to deliver consistent, fast, and successful enterprise data migrations for our clients.

Discover why 14 of the top 30 companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Index trust Syniti with their M&A data transactions.

Frictionless data migrations for all your transactions

Moving your enterprise data and integrating it with another set of data has the potential to be messy and lead to sub-optimal business outcomes. Syniti enjoys a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating because we specialize in taking risk out of the data migration equation. The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP), supported by our 100% data-focused consultants, transforms the data components of your transaction from a risk into competitive advantage..

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Private, secure data rooms

It takes two to tango in any M&A transaction. Syniti helps you start the process by quickly setting up secure, private environments where you can share and access data with other parties. Automate the collection, aggregation, and review of:

  • master data,
  • configuration data,
  • transactional data, and/or
  • unstructured data

in a centralized location with rigorous privacy and security controls.

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Accelerate future transactions

With Syniti, value creation doesn’t stop with your successful divestiture or data assimilation. The Syniti Knowledge Platform captures all metadata, rules, procedures, mappings, team member roles, and more from your initial project. So, the next time you are thinking about a transaction you won’t start from scratch. By combining all processes, data, information, and IP into one cloud-based platform, Syniti clients realize 50% faster downstream data projects.

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Speak to our M&A Data Experts.