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Enterprise Performance Management

Syniti's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Accelerator suite enables advanced outcome-based financial decision making across all strategic and operational enterprise activities.

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Business Outcomes

Dynamic enterprise solutions to ignite KPI-based decision making

Faster, more accurate decisions

Get data where you need it, in the format you need it in, faster. Join hundreds of Syniti customers using the EPM accelerator suite to accelerate your financial workflow and enterprise time-to-action.

Enhanced clarity

Develop an enhanced understanding of financial data across your SAP landscape through accelerated re-formatting and consolidation in one dashboard view.

Improved business processes

Syniti’s team of 100+ EPM consultants and the EPM Accelerator suite will increase your business process efficiency by optimizing your organizational workflows.

Streamline EPM application business processes with pre-configured best practices and knowledge.

Budget, Planning and Consolidation Accelerators

Pulling together financial budgets and forecasts challenges organizations of all sizes. With the Syniti EPM Accelerator suite, we’ve taken the complexity out of the process, with pre-designed, out-of-the-box templates that help organizations develop an accurate and swift process.

Our solution is low-IT dependent, platform autonomous within an SAP landscape, and logically robust. Built on best practices developed across hundreds of successful projects, the consolidation accelerator helps you streamline data collection, assert pre-built data validations to your information flows, and transform the speed of your financial close.

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Group Reporting Accelerator

In any multi-entity organization, achieving group-wide reporting is a must. The Syniti EPM Accelerator suite helps you streamline management and financial reporting with a pre-built template that validates and reconciles system postings and directly loads into an SAP S/4HANA instance. The solution also enables an accelerated move to modern accounting with real-time data replication into S/4HANA, and back to any source and system in your landscape.

GFX EPM Accelerators GroupReporting

SAP Analytics Cloud Planning and Intelligence Accelerators

By implementing pre-built best-practices into your implementation, Syniti helps you realize the hidden value of your SAP Analytics Cloud application to help you make confident enterprise decisions.

Powered by AI, these accelerators have been tested to deliver consistent data outcomes in the SAP Analytics Cloud.

GFX EPM Accelerators SACAccelerators1

Profitability and Performance Management Accelerator

What organization isn’t concerned about improving profitability? The big challenge: defining where those opportunities are.

The Syniti EPM Accelerator for Profitability and Performance Management is a great place to start. With comprehensive best practices that cover complex costing and product/customer and supply chain profitability, this accelerator is includes a built-in integration between SAP and non-SAP sources. With extensibility to other EPM applications such as SAP Analytics Cloud, this accelerator helps you understand your organization’s profitability faster and more clearly.

GFX EPM Accelerators ProbabilityPerfMgmt

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