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CRM Data Matching

Salesforce, CRM, Customer, Vendor, and Address
Data is Full of Duplicates.

Identify duplicates with human-like perception – at scale.

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Eliminate the duplicate problem in CRM, enterprise-wide

According to Dun and Bradstreet, 19% of businesses have lost a customer by using inaccurate or incomplete information.

No Preprocessing

Utilizing purpose-built AI, Syniti Data Matching configures itself based on the nature of your data and the focal point of your matching.

Complete Control

Syniti Data Matching includes a collection of features and tools that make complex data matching as easy as pressing a button by bringing together the world's most advanced matching engine with a user interface forged in simplicity.

Built for Speed

In-memory processing is significantly faster than competing solutions that rely on sluggish disk storage. Multi-threaded Processing enables many functions to process concurrently making much more efficient use of available hardware.

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