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Built for you!

At Syniti Education Services, we have built our catalog of courses specifically for each type of learner. Check out the below Personas, Learning Paths and Certifications to see just how we did it!



SKP Essentials
SKP Essentials
The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) provides a holistic view from a single console across your data landscape, with key features to help you easily design and set data policies in your everyday governance work, without any programming. From the SKP you can access applications and services to manage your migration, quality, and governance projects in a single cloud-based location. The SKP Essentials course provides a high-level tour for anyone interested in learning about the platform, available applications, and services.
Migrate Essentials
Migrate Essentials
Welcome to the Migrate Essentials course. This course introduces you to the concepts and features of the Syniti Migrate Solution on the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP). You will learn what the Migrate Solution is and how it is utilized in the migration process. This course is for all stakeholders and is the first course in a series of three in the Migrate Learning Path.
Migrate Essentials
Migrate Foundations
Syniti's Migrate Solution will enable you to organize project-related data objects, identify data relevancy and map your legacy data conversion objects to the desired future system. This solution provides the ability to define systems, data tables, reports and their underlying attributes. This course has four parts. You must enroll in all 4 courses in our LMS. Part 1 - Setup Part 2 - Design Part 3 - Map and ETL Part 4 - Reports and Construct. Cost: eLearning - 7 Learning Credits; VILT - 10 Learning Credits
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Learning Paths Based on Your Persona

Identify your learning path based on what your role is, your job description, project goals, or your desired role progression path.

Person who is aware and interested in the technology and how it will be used in their business. E.g. Functional Consultants, Program Lead, Data Governance Lead, Director of IT, other non-data program collaborators.

Person who will interact with the solution to execute specific non-development tasks. E.g.  Data Steward, Data Protection Officer, Recipient of reports, Mass Maintenance Request user, Configuration Administrator.

You should follow a Developer Learning Path if you identify with any of the following personas:

  • Developer: Person who will interact with the tool at a technical level, creating reports, opportunity and supporting views, registering reports, creating and configuration of templates, validation rules and assign security.
  • Advanced Developer: Person who will interact with the solution to implement customized value standard tables, charts, dashboards.
  • Technical Lead: Person who will interact with the technology to configure, manage and develop across the full scope of standard solutions and can design and implement customized WebApps & processes to support specific client or project needs.

Learning Paths by Solution

Syniti has three core solutions that have been developed and are delivered on the Stewardship Tier. Education Services offers Learning Paths for Master Data ManagementAdvanced Data Migration, and Data Quality

The list below represents which courses are available. While the Framework Development course is not its own Learning Path, this developer level course and Certification is a prerequisite to MDM Developer. Framework Development is an eLearning course and is highly recommended for anyone seeking Certification in ADM or DQ.

Select a Learning Path by Solution by clicking on the links below. 


Learning Paths by Syniti Solution:


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