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Trustworthy, consumable and useable data

Ignite enterprise growth and reduce risk with analytics supported by superior data quality.
Discover how impeccable data quality can fuel your business.

Business Outcomes

Better data, better business outcomes

Real-time actionable insights

The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) places the power of trustworthy data at your fingertips. Increase the flow of high-quality data throughout your organization and create clarity and visibility into your business.

Data-backed decision making

High-quality data is foundational to creating data-informed business strategies. Gain ultimate visibility into your data through out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards that align to your business needs.

Gain a competitive edge

Data insights reveal business insights to enable faster, more accurate decisions that accelerate growth and reduce enterprise risks.

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Bad Data is Costing You Millions: How to Find it, Fix it, and Keep it Clean
Trusted and Understood Data

Optimize your data, optimize your business

Data has become a core element of the strategy for every organization. Enterprises need data in real time to succeed, and executive leadership must relentlessly pursue refining it. The latest HFS Research reveals that while c-suite elevates the importance of data management, data execution falls short.

  • Data management ownership, now sits firmly in the C-Suite, with 46% of Global 2000 companies reporting that the CEO sets data objectives
  • 80% of executives suggest they trust the data of their organizations, however, over a third of those companies believe that less than half of their data is consumable or usable.
  • More than 95% of executives believe their companies would be more competitive, more innovative, and able to make faster decisions if their data quality were two times better.
Data Quality Analytics Dashboard

Data quality gives you the clarity to see what others cannot.

Syniti Data Assessment – Connect data quality to P&L upside in just 3 weeks.

With more than 450 vetted, pre-built data quality reports and dashboards that identify cost-savings, cashflow, and P&L improvements based on your data, Data Assessment will impress the 95% of executives who don’t fully trust their data. Put the quality of your data first to help build a roadmap to organization-wide, analytics-ready data.

GFX SKP Dashboard

Syniti Master Data Management – Build a framework for master data management success.

When it comes to data related to your employees, customers, suppliers, materials, and key financial indicators, you can’t afford to slip up. The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) allows you to orchestrate and govern your most critical data processes, driving measurable business value every step of the way.

MDM Monitoring 1

Syniti Data Matching – Human-like data matching intelligence at superhuman scale.

Perfected over 30 years, Syniti makes the most complex data matching easy, fast, accurate, and scalable. Syniti fuses the power of data science and AI to deliver the only matching engine built from the ground up for customer data applications. Match, unify, and merge customer data without the need for correction, standardization, manipulation, or enrichment– and achieve astonishingly accurate results.

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