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M&A, Data Migration

Global Technology Company Success Story

On-time, on-budget delivery of ERP consolidation and M&A integration realized in one cloud data management solution.


A global technology professional services firm was looking to seamlessly migrate all of its operations and data from various ERP systems to SAP and third-party platforms. While the company had planned on consolidating its data in phases, it had the opportunity to acquire a business that doubled its size. The new acquisition spurred the company to further realign its business processes and data change management efforts.

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Leveraging the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP), the company deployed a repeatable, reusable, best practices-driven approach to its data consolidation project. As a result, the company was able to quickly centralize its operations from multiple prior acquisitions on SAP. Now, the company could focus on a new major acquisition and begin the planning, migration, and harmonization of HR, customer, sales, contract, project and pricing data.


By delivering the project on-time and on-budget, Syniti positioned the company to become one of the largest technology professional service firms in the world. We helped them successfully deliver on the data integration portion of the TSA and avoid penalties, while positioning accelerating time-to-value.