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Central Finance

Global Food Manufacturer Success Story

Syniti delivers successful SAP S/4HANA Central Finance program, centralizing and optimizing data from over 20 countries.


The organization, a company of over 80,000 employees, sought to begin their SAP S/4HANA journey, with a new SAP Central Finance (CFIN) program that would collect and harmonize data from 20+ countries’ SAP ECC systems to provide the business with near real-time financial reporting on transactions and payments. 

As the existing SAP ECC systems would remain in situ, the solution would need to ensure data collected in the SAP S/4HANA Central Finance solution was relevant, accurate and up-to-date. Accurate Master data was marked as a significant priority as with so many countries involved, this needed to be harmonized and validated before reaching the Central Finance environment. 

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Syniti deployed a package of SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, along with Syniti’s Central Finance Accelerator and Syniti Data Replication (SDR) to deliver on the organization’s program. The solution broke down into two phases: 

  1. Master data harmonization and load using SAP ADM and SAP DS conducted in waves due to the vast amount of data and systems involved in the project 
  2. On-going real time replication and validation of data using SAP ADM and Syniti Data Replication, from the multiple countries’ ERPs (SAP and Non-SAP) to the SAP S/4HANA Central Finance System and back 

Both of these were supported and accelerated by Syniti’s Central Finance best practice accelerator to support the knowledge ramp-up for both aspects of the project. 

Near real-time transactional posting was conducted via SDR using three pre-migration logic scans to validate master data that included relevancy checks (whether we want this migrated or not), S/4 CFIN target readiness, and the most complex of all was Business Partner harmonization to merge customer and vendor data.  


The solution haallowed the company to get up and running in CFin earlier than anticipated with both payments and transactional posting now fully functional. Planning for the next step of the SAP S/4HANA journey is underway, anconnectivity efforts and master data work done to date has positioned the company for an ideal, smooth and effective transformation to SAP S/4HANA.