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International Grocery Chain Success Stories

Global Grocery Chain experiences rapid data quality improvement and streamlined data migration.


A large grocery chain, with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries, embarked on a digital transformation initiative to SAP S/4HANA™, to streamline its IT landscape and optimize reporting and analytics. During the first wave of the migration project, the organization had used an ETL approach and quickly identified that poor data quality was an issue. This stalled the project and halted any attempts to load. With historic underinvestment and no budget for data quality, the company struggled to find the resources it needed to invest in the data quality tools and improvement initiatives needed to build a business case that would attract executive leadership support.

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Syniti deployed Syniti Data Jumpstart, powered by the Syniti Knowledge Platform, to examine data quality errors in seven target systems including SAP S/4HANA and Ariba. Through the actionable insights delivered by Data Jumpstart, Syniti learned about the company’s data processes and was then quickly able to suggest areas for optimization and reliable metrics. Upon agreement with the company’s leadership, Syniti installed 70 standardized data governance rules and created 16 tailored rules for vendor data– which we then applied worldwide.


With data governance rules in place to actively govern the organization’s data, the project team can now plan the remaining phases of its SAP S/4HANA™ migration. Because the Syniti Knowledge Platform has been installed from the Data Jumpstart, the company will continue to capitalize on existing knowledge. It will also be able to use the power of Syniti’s migration methodology to turbocharge future project waves.  The company anticipates completing up to 400 waves project waves during the next three years of its global program, and will rely on Syniti software to orchestrate the remainder of the project.