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Performance JDBC connectors for IBM® Db2®. Reliable access to Db2 data for third-party commercial applications and custom applications.

High-performance, secure, reliable access to IBM DB2 Data via JDBC

Compact, Type 4 connectors for IBM Db2 access from custom applications and third party products in Java environments. Leveraging standard IBM Db2 access protocols, including Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) and the Optimized Database Server protocol, both HiT JDBC products communicate with native IBM server programs and do not require any additional programs installed on the Db2 host system.


Small footprint for flexible deployment

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High Performance

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Direct IBM Db2 access

A full suite of specialized products for your IBM DB2 environment

Product When to Select
HiT JDBC/400 Application is running on any Java® platform, including the latest. Accessing data on IBM Db2 for IBM i and earlier platforms.
HiT JDBC/Db2 Application is running on any Java platform, including the latest. Accessing data on IBM Db2 for z/OS, Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms.

Universal Support

International DB2 server access with double-byte and Middle Eastern language support.


High performance, small footprint with connection pooling, threads and stored procedures.


Native database protocols with no software installed on the IBM DB2 server.


Compatible with SSL technology to secure SQL data flows over TCP/IP networks and prevent unauthorized access to data.

  • 100% Pure Java Type 4 driver for optimal performance
  • Stored procedures, multiple result sets and static SQL/package support for fast data access
  • Distributed transaction support for complex transactions over multiple databases
  • Double-byte and Middle Eastern language support for international IBM Db2 server access
  • SSL v3.x encryption and authentication for secure data transmission
  • Multi-threading for performance and scalability
  • Connection pooling for performance and server access efficiency
  • IBM ODBS/DRDA Native protocol support
  • Support for IBM Db2 password expiration security

HiT JDBC/400

  • Java-enabled platform JVM 1.2 or higher.


  • Java-enabled platform JVM 1.2 or later.
  • V4.xx implements and supports JDBC 4.0 and JDBC 4.1 APIs. For JDBC 4.0 API methods, use JDK 1.6 or higher. For JDBC 4.1 API features, use JDK 1.7 or higher.

HiT JDBC/400

  • Current IBM i operating systems backward compatible to OS/400 V3R7


  • Db2 LUW: Current IBM Db2 versions backward compatible to v5
  • Db2 for z/OS and OS/390: Current IBM Db2 versions backward compatible to v5
  • For users of Db2 v. 9 and above, JDBC/Db2 supports IBM’s PureXML™ feature with an XML datatype, allowing data access via SQL or Query statements
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